'Nervous' Antiques Road Trip expert spots something wrong with brooch – but gets the last laugh in killer twist

A 'NERVOUS' Antiques Road Trip expert spotted something wrong with a brooch – but still got the last laugh in a killer twist.

Izzie Balmer found a monkey brooch in Kent while shopping with fellow expert Philip Serrell in a recent episode of the BBC show.

After spotting it, she said: "Do you know what? I promised myself I was not going to look at brooches because I always buy brooches.

"It’s a monkey, I mean who doesn’t love a monkey, it’s set with marcasite at the back as well which is a nice little touch.

"If you can’t afford diamond but you want something that sparkles and catches the candlelight. This does the trick, it’s a good diamond simulant actually."

The brooch was priced at £22 and Izzie explained it would be worth a lot more if it had been Victorian.

She said: "This is not Victorian and the reason I know this is because the quality just isn’t there.

"This is a much later safety fastening, you didn’t get this safety fastening until the 20s, 30s."

Izzie then noticed an issue, adding: "Unfortunately, I’ve just spotted there is a little marcasite missing here."

Despite this, she haggled with the shop owner and bought the brooch for £15, before taking it to auction later in the show.

As the brooch was brought up by the auctioneer, Izzie said: "I’m a bit nervous now Phil."

She didn't need to be though, as the bidding opened at £50, leaving her open-mouthed with shock.

Phil said: "Well and truly smacked, well done you."

She replied: "I love monkeys, I love bananas, I love 1940s brooches. My Monkey is swinging."

The brooch ended up selling for £80, making a £65 profit.

Izzie said: "Okay well this rarely happens, I’m lost for words. I need to trust my gut instinct more."

Antiques Road Trip airs on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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