Netflix fans beg for trigger warning for violent and graphic Mila Kunis film

A new film on Netflix starring Mila Kunis is said to be so shocking and graphic it should come with a clear trigger warning, say viewers.

Luckiest Girl Alive is about a glamorous young woman called Ani who “has it all” and a seemingly perfect life – but all is not as it seems.

Ani’s deeply traumatic teen years begin to bubble to the surface and we learn that she survived not only a horrific school shooting but was a victim of gang rape when she was 14.

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The film explores victim blaming and the trauma she suffered after her peers and adults did not believe what happened to her.

The violent rape scenes are “incredibly realistic”, said one viewer, but should have come with “several trigger warnings”.

Another said on Twitter: "Be careful watching Luckiest Girl Alive. It’s very triggering and may have shown too much of the rape scenes but has an amazing performance by everyone involved."

A third said that the film “shows a glimpse of what rape victims go through with all the victim blaming, sl*t shaming, the intense trauma afterwards and how pressured the society is to them to just snap out of it and move past it”.

The film was largely praised, however – especially Mila’s performance – and fans actually applauded how “uncomfortable” it made them.

In other Netflix news, the streaming giant has come under for fire for planning to air controversial “royal affair” scenes in The Crown.

In a bombshell storyline, Prince Philip is set to have a dalliance with society beauty and real-life royal pal Penny Knatchbull.

The show will drop on November 9, just weeks after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest after suddenly passing away.

Insiders have blessed the plan as “cruel” and “tasteless” and the queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter even said: “The truth is that Penny was a long-time friend of the whole family. Netflix is not interested in people’s feelings.”


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