Noah is lost for Amelia as she makes devastating sacrifice in Emmerdale

Noah (Jack Downham) has been battling to keep his new little family together and to provide for them using his trust fund, but will it all be for nothing in Emmerdale?

Samson (Sam Hall) has been a thorn in his side, adding blackmail to his list of worries and monthly spends.

It’s cost Noah dearly to keep Samson off his back, but with Amelia (Daisy Campbell) in mind he’s soldiered on, and now the family unit will be hit with yet another setback.

Despite Amelia desperately juggling motherhood and college, the struggle has become too much. The teenager has no option, she decides to quit her studies and focus on her baby as she just can’t find care.

Dan (Liam Fox) is devastated and feels like he’s failed his daughter and granddaughter, determined to get things sorted for her. Noah is beside himself at her decision.

And to his frustration, Samson is still being rewarded for his behaviour. Sam lavishes his son with £20 for passing his exams despite having attempted to rinse Noah of his inheritance.

Noah is fed up of Samson’s attitude, and things look set to descend into violence as he squares up to his cousin. Will Noah finally get justice for himself? But at what cost?

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