‘Nobody does that!’ Shetland viewers fume as huge blunder leads to criminals escape

Shetland: Douglas Henshall stars in season six trailer

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The sixth season of the Scottish crime drama continued on BBC One on Wednesday. The action kicked off when Lynda Morton (Kate Bracken) was kidnapped by drug dealer Curtis Galt (Nebli Basani), but Shetland fans were furious when he easily got away when the police started to close in. 

Curtis was later apprehended under suspicion of the murder of Alex Galbraith (Jim Sturgeon), a popular lawyer who was gunned down on the doorstep of his own home. 

Detective Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) interrogated the suspect but soon realised the dealer was in over his head and wasn’t responsible for the crimes. 

However, his desperation led him to threaten recovering addict Lynda, who just about managed to call up Perez to come and find her. 

Her captor fled the scene, while Perez searched the area to discover she had been locked inside a shipping container.

Meanwhile, Curtis drove to a nearby layby to try and swap his car over to avoid detection.

Fans of the show were somewhat baffled when he managed to find a vehicle that had been left unlocked with the keys in the sun visor.

A common occurrence in Hollywood blockbusters, maybe, but viewers maintained no one in the UK would ever leave their car so vulnerable.

Several viewers flocked to Twitter to complain about Curtis’ convenient escape during the episode.

User Surviving2021 fumed: “Of course the 3rd car had to be left open, what sort of muppet does that and hides the keys inside.”

Dorina said: “Nobody leaves their car open with the keys in the shader… not even on #Shetland.”

And Hannah tweeted: “I don’t know why I’m watching it, but, nobody in the UK leaves their car unlocked AND their keys in the sun visor. 

“No one. That’s a US film trope,” they insisted.

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Viewers have also levelled criticisms against Curtis’ shoddy kidnapping skills.

Lynda’s kidnapper took her at face value when she claimed she didn’t have her mobile phone, leaving to her own devices while she called up Perez. 

Marina Sofia complained: “Bit of a rubbish kidnapper, doesn’t check for mobile phone, wanders off and lets police free her…”

Plus, Perez and the team took no time at all to trace Lynda’s phone and pinpoint her remote location.

In reality, the process could take hours considering her poor signal and the long journey across the Shetland Islands. 

Surviving2021 added later: “OK they are taking some absolute creative liberties in this series.”

With just three more episodes left to go, hopefully, series six can wrap up the chilling Galbraith case with a satisfying conclusion in the coming weeks. 

Shetland series 6 continues Wednesdays on BBC One.

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