Outlanders Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin spark fan debate

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton play Outlander trivia game

Outlander fans worldwide are itching to see the next chapter of Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and his wife Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) epic journey.

The seventh season will be heading to screens this June, and Starz has kept viewers entertained with plenty of sneak peeks on their Instagram page.

In their latest promo, Brianna Fraser and Roger MacKenzie stars Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin had their Outlander knowledge put to the test, but fans weren’t happy with the results.

Rankin begins the game by correctly naming Claire’s favourite catchphrase, “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ”.

He also identifies the Frasers’ family cat, Adso, joking: “I don’t know why I said that with such disdain.”

Skelton then had to skip the next two questions, before asking how time-travellers are able to travel through Craigh Na Dun.

However, the actress fared much better when the game moved on to Rankin’s round.

He challenged his co-star to name some of Outlander’s favourite Scottish words and phrases, such as “sassenach”, “dinna fash” and “bairn”.

The questions then rattle through some of the biggest plot points of the last season, including Claire’s ether abuse and the Revolutionary War.

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At the end of the game, Rankin scored five points whilst Skelton took the win with eight, but fans have questioned the fairness of the questions.

@mishgrutta commented: “How did she win? His clues were better.”

@patlie64 replied: “Was a pretty unfair duel, as Sophie described it awkwardly and too long!”

“They need a redo and she can’t skip any questions,” @presidentmama said.

@meredithkurtzahn wrote: “He was better at giving clues. And she wins? She skipped half his clues… I demand a judgement in favour of Roger.”

While @hilljn18 added: “He was much better at asking the questions than she was.

“She didn’t ask him two because she didn’t know the answers. The point was to see if he knew the answers.”

After tallying up the scores, the co-stars shook hands, though Skelton noticed: “You’re squeezing my hand pretty hard!”

“No, no, I’m a good sportsman,” Rankin assured her whilst smiling cheekily at the camera.

Outlander season 7 will premiere Friday, June 16 on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.

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