Parking spot in village in Cornwall goes on sale for £80,000

Okay, so you want to get on the property ladder, but the price of houses and flats is so high you’re close to giving up.

Now what?

Perhaps a parking spot is the – deeply depressing – answer.

Yes, it would be nice if a garage wasn’t all we could afford, but alas, these are the times and property markets in which we live.

Even this doesn’t come cheap, mind you.

A parking spot in the heart of Port Isaac has landed on the market… for £80,000.

Yep, for a hefty chunk of cash, you could be the proud owner of a detached single garage, providing 156.7 sq ft of space… which works out as more than £510 per square foot.

You can’t live in it, obviously, but you could put a car in there, use it as storage, or just as a way to tell people that you’re finally a property owner.

Or, it could actually be a decent money-earner, if you rent it out.

Parking spots are super tricky to find in the idyllic village in Cornwall, and many houses don’t have their own off-street parking.

Add in limited street parking due to narrow streets, and you can start to see why this garage has such a high asking price.

There are two paid for car parks in the village, with the main car park a ten-minute walk from the village centre, so perhaps residents would be keen to rent the plot.

Charlie Hambly, of John Bray Estates, said: ‘Parking and storage are very scarce in the village with many properties having none at all, so this separate garage represents a big problem solver.

‘It’s in a good location, close to the centre of the village.

‘The attached store provides plenty of space for the kind of paraphernalia that accumulates in seaside locations – anything from small boats, surf boards, and wakeboards to life jackets and wet suits, the list goes on and on.’

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