Piers Morgan hits out at 'selfish' young people protesting lockdown rules

Piers Morgan was left outraged after seeing video footage of young people gathering in large crowds to protest new lockdown restrictions in Liverpool.

Liverpool has now been placed under tier three lockdown restrictions as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the area.

The highest tier sees a ban on members of more than one household mixing together indoors as well as in private gardens and leisure centres, gyms, betting shops and casinos are closed.

Pubs and bars can only serve alcohol along with a ‘substantial meal’.

Liverpool is the only city in the UK that has been placed in the top tier, which lists areas as ‘very high risk’.

Following footage of large crowds gathering in protest as the restrictions hit, Piers slammed those taking part and pushing police cars, as he branded their actions ‘selfish and reckless’.

‘There’s obviously no social distancing. What annoys me about this, this kind of reckless, selfish behaviour, is obviously it’s going to spread the virus. What is going through their minds? These young people in Liverpool.

‘Yeah we can blame the government… but we should also look at ourselves. This is completely outrageous.’

‘Surely they should all be fined,’ suggested his co-host Susanna Reid, while Dr Hilary Jones said that such scenes like those in Liverpool have ‘sickened’ him.

‘When you see scenes like that it does sicken you, if you’re an NHS worker and you’ve already been exposed… you’d be absolutely horrified. Those people will be demanding treatment when they get ill,’ he said.

Warning that restrictions are in place for good reason, Dr Hilary claimed: ‘Never before in history have we relied on herd immunity to control an outbreak let alone a pandemic… if we do nothing, we will see hospitals overwhelmed very shortly.’

Coronavirus cases have been increasingly rising across the UK, with the number of confirmed cases now reaching 635,000, while the number of deaths have now surpassed 43,000.

In order to curb a second wave, the UK government has brought in a new tiered system when it comes to lockdown restrictions that determines how at risk an area is.

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