‘Primal’ First Trailer: Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Samurai Jack’ Follow-Up Goes Prehistoric This Fall

Looks like you can’t keep Genndy Tartakovsky away from TV for long. Not even two years after putting the finishing touches on his beloved “Samurai Jack,” the animator is back with another series.

“Primal,” Tartakovsky’s latest creation, looks like an all-out showcase for a battle between now-extinct creatures and prehistoric humans. Despite the brutality of the sneak peek below, Deadline describes the new project as being centered around an unlikely friendship between a man and an endangered dinosaur. (Perhaps they bond over their shared appreciation for stabbing teeth into the backs of their enemies.)

It’s Tartakovsky’s return to TV after his most recent project, the latest installment in the “Hotel Transylvania” animated film franchise last summer. The three films in the series, which Tartakovsky directed in addition to writing the third, have taken a majority of his recent career effort. Aside from the short-lived “Sym-Bionic Titan,” this will be his first new series-length project making it to air since “Star Wars: Clone Wars” back in 2003.

Even in small doses, this new glimpse at “Primal” seems to have the same attention to detail and expressive character design that helped guide “Samurai Jack” to acclaim during and after its run.

When asked about his future plans at the close of “Samurai Jack” in fall 2017, Tartakovsky told IndieWire, “I’m like a guerrilla filmmaker…I come in there, here’s my instinct, I don’t question it. I have a stupid confidence. That’s what a director is. If a director doesn’t have confidence, you’re dead.”

To see how that instinct led him back to the TV world, watch the full teaser for the series below:

“Primal” premieres this fall on Adult Swim.

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