Ravi leaves Keanu to die in brutal attack in EastEnders

There is a violent showdown on the cards for Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) in upcoming EastEnders scenes, as Ravi plans to take revenge.

Keanu is set to get himself mixed up in Ravi’s criminal underworld as he attempts to earn some extra cash to provide for his family.

Having been sent to collect a van full of white goods with hidden drugs inside, things start to go wrong as Keanu is delayed, and ends up driving the van to son Albie’s christening, unaware that the police are on to him.

After being arrested outside the church, much to Sharon Watts’ (Letitia Dean) horror, Keanu is grilled by the police, who have an awful lot of questions to ask him.

Keanu is left with a difficult choice to make when DS Barnes then offers him a way out, but only if he rats on his bosses.

Meanwhile, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) and Sharon attempt to defend Keanu to the Queen Vic punters, unaware that the very man who put him up to the job is listening in.

As Ravi learns that Keanu has been arrested, he panics that things have gone wrong.

It isn’t long before Keanu is released from police custody, but his questioning isn’t over yet.

Stressed Ravi corners him and demands to know what he told the police, and more importantly, if he’s grassed them up.

Though Keanu swears that he didn’t, Ravi takes a secret phone call, before hunting Keanu down for revenge.

Later, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) stumbles across Keanu, who is in a bad way, and calls an ambulance.

Distraught Sharon confides in Phil at the hospital that she thinks Ravi is behind the attack, though Phil isn’t so sure.

Will Keanu be okay, or does he have bigger threats than Ravi to fear?

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