Ricky Gervais’ After Life dog runs off The One Show as actor says ‘I want to die first’

Ricky Gervais joined Alex Jones and Alex Scott on Monday night’s The One Show to discuss the roaring success of his Netflix series After Life. When touching on the reason behind the show and the inspiration he got from how he would feel if he lost his wife Jane, Ricky mentioned he wanted to die before her. When said this, his canine companion Anti whined and ran off.

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Alex Scott began: “The final chapter of After Life was released on Netflix at the weekend.

“It has been streamed 100 million times making it the most popular British comedy in a decade, but it is not all laughs as it comes with some very serious topics too.”

Speaking on how much he appreciates his wife, Ricky explained: “That’s where the idea came from, the first thought I had was ‘What if you lost everything?’

“You could do what you want without consequences, and I thought well ‘What’s losing everything?’ and to me it’s your soul mate, your life partner.

“So, I always, I’d be terrible, I want to go first which is selfish, but I do, I don’t want to…” 

Before he could finish, Anti, who plays Brandy in the Netflix series, cried out before licking Ricky’s face. 

Ricky laughed before Anti jumped off the green sofa and ran off the set: “Oh Anti! I know, I’ve got six more years Anti don’t worry.”

More to follow… 

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