Ruby Wax says she’d have been ‘fired’ at height of career over battle with depression

GMB: Kate Garraway debates news reporting with Ruby Wax

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Ruby Wax is well known for her comedic performances and iconic interviews with big-name celebrities. Her hit series Ruby Wax Meets… aired through the late 90s and saw her chat to a wide range of figures in the public eye, including Imelda Marcos, O. J. Simpson, Pamela Anderson and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. However, Ruby has now opened up about her mental health, detailing her battle with depression and how it could have affected her career.

In recent years, Ruby has been vocal about her struggles with depression and regularly attempts to raise awareness surrounding mental health.

In a recent interview, Ruby gave fans an insight into the difficulties that come with being in the public spotlight.

When asked how her mental health was at the height of her TV career, she replied: “I had depression, but I didn’t have it all the time.”

The star explained if she’d had a full-time job away from the world of entertainment while battling her depression, it could have had a bigger impact on her career.

She said: “It was every three to five years. So, I’m lucky that I didn’t have a nine-to-five job because then you’d be fired.

“But I, luckily, wasn’t working when I was ill,” she explained.

As well as having a successful career in the entertainment industry, Ruby is also a mental health advocate.

With her most recent book, A Mindfulness Guide for Survival, she aims to help people who are struggling amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Ruby explained: “I wrote it during the pandemic. It’s a workbook, so there are questionnaires, you can draw in it, you can write in it.

“It’s like a journal on how to survive a world that’s pretty rocky and be happy.

“I do mindfulness, but the book isn’t all about mindfulness,” she added.

She went on to explain how the pandemic inspired her to write the new wellness book.

“It’s a little bit about self-reflection because people were getting sick thinking about ‘what if?’ during Covid-19 and it was making them more ill than if they actually got ill, and I thought that was interesting,” Ruby told The Independent.

Mental health awareness is close to Ruby’s heart and is something she’s been working on alongside her career in entertainment.

In 2013, she gained a master’s degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from Kellogg College at the University of Oxford.

Ruby was also appointed an honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2015 Special Honours for services to mental health.

She is now making a TV comeback in her new BBC Two show, When Ruby Wax Met…

Across three episodes, viewers will see the comedian reflect on her TV career and interviewing style.

She’ll also look back on some of her most memorable encounters including interviews with former American president Donald Trump, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher and Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

When Ruby Wax Met… premieres on BBC Two on Sunday, August 22 at 9pm.

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