'Saturday Night Live': Mikey Day Plays a Father Being Pranked by His Son in Cruel Ways

Saturday Night Live brings the laughs, even while social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19). Last year in season 45, episode 18 during SNL at Home, a special edition of the series in which the cast members act from their homes remotely, fans witnessed a memorable sketch featuring Mikey Day. Despite the different circumstances, the series still manages to make us laugh while the cast was home.

In a sketch called “Dad Prank Video,” some shocking moments occur between a son and his father. The son cruelly pranks his dad, and it’s almost hard to watch at times.

‘Dad Prank Video’

Pranks have been seen on YouTube in various degrees, from kids pranking parents to parents pranking kids, to other types of scenarios. The SNL sketch makes light of a situation. Featured in the video are Mikey and Brandon, his actual child, according to Fatherly. Mikey plays a man named Ted who’s dealing with a mischievous kid, Brandon, at home. Brandon keeps pulling cruel pranks on his unsuspecting father.

It starts with Brandon introducing himself in his YouTube video with added special effects included, such as his name popping up on the screen. “What’s up YouTube? It’s your boy, Brandon.” Then he adds, “So I have a corny. A**. Dad,” and when he says the enunciated words, he uses a voice changer, which has him sounding like a grown man.

Viewers witness Brandon’s first attempt at pranking his father, in which he shoots a Nerf gun at his father’s head when he’s looking in the other direction. “Ah!” Ted says. “Brandon!”

Brandon adds in a lot of extras to the video, including zooming in on his father’s face with the words, “B****” in red bolded letters as he says the words with a voice changer. 

Brandon puts tacks on his dad’s toilet seat

“So I’ve been pranking him during quarantine, and here are my favorite ones,” Brandon says in a close up with the camera. The shot flashes to a screen that reads, “My favorite dad pranks,” with his father’s face in the background.

Brandon wreaks a lot of havoc, including putting thumbtacks on his father’s toilet seat. There’s a video of a strategically placed camera on the ground as his father sits down on the toilet seat (only his legs can be seen) with a reaction like you might expect when he sits down. He drops his phone, which cracks. He pulls tacks out from his backside, saying, “Why so many?” He even mentions that he’s “bleeding.”

Brandon changes every contact in his dad’s phone to Gigi Hadid

Next, his son changes every name in his father’s phone to “Gigi Hadid.” There continue to be plenty of animated add-ons to this video, including a photo of Hadid, a model, moving across the screen as Ted’s phone rings showing “Gigi Hadid” calling.

“You’re laughing, and it’s my work,” Ted says, clearly upset. “I don’t know who to call because I don’t know the numbers. They all say Gigi Hadid. His son even asks him, “Why do you hate women,” which frustrates his father even further. 

Brandon scares his dad

Next, he pranks his dad with what he calls “jump scares.” In one moment, he puts a doll in a cabinet, which makes his father jump back and hit his head. In another situation, Ted comes in to wake Brandon up, but his son is concealed under the covers wearing a creepy mask. It startles his father and makes him jolt back and fall to the ground, which is shown a variety of times.

The last prank is the worst

Before a meeting between Ted and his boss, his son changes his Zoom background to a picture of his boss’ daughter. When he calls in for the meeting, Ted’s boss named Pat played by Kenan Thompson, isn’t too happy about it.

“Uh Ted, you mind telling me why your Zoom background is a picture of my teenage daughter in a bathing suit?” Kenan asks.

“I have no idea why Pat,” Ted explains, but his boss tells him to “shut up.”

Before the video ends, we see Brandon with a lightsaber thanking his viewers for watching his video. He adds the words “B****,” over his father’s face again while adding, “Like and subscribe” at the end as well.

Brandon cruelly pranks his father in the memorable SNL sketch.

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