Seven Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Al Chapman’s revenge twist as he sleeps with Debbie's mum Charity

KIM Tate and Gabby Thomas form a shock alliance next week in Emmerdale, while Al Chapman sleeps with Charity Dingle to get back at her daughter Debbie.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Al uses Charity 

Al spots the tension between Charity and Debbie next week and resolves to use it to his advantage, coming up with an evil scheme. 

Later, Al finds Al drinking and joins her. 

He soon manipulates her to reveal the details of Debbie’s revenge plan against him. 

2. Al sleeps with Charity 

When Charity suggests they head upstairs, Al goes ahead with it to devastate Debbie.

Debbie and Priya hatched a cunning revenge plan against Al after they discovered he was two-timing them. 

The two women then decided to play Al at his own game, stealing thousands from Kim Tate and framing Al for the theft. 

3. Luke tells Vic the truth 

Luke admits to Victoria that he’s been hiding his sexuality next week and that he hasn't been totally honest with her when it comes to previous relationships.

Luke’s admission will come after his feud with Ethan escalates and the lawyer touches a nerve. 

Has Luke just been keeping quiet about his sexuality or does he have ulterior motives for dating Victoria after all?

4. Gabby schemes against Dawn

Gabby hatches a plan to get Dawn fired next week, stitching her up for theft by slipping Bear’s wallet into her bag. 

When Bear arrives for his wallet, Jai accuses Dawn of stealing it and forces her to empty her bag. 

When the item falls out of Dawn’s bag, Jai fires her on the spot. 

5. Kim takes a liking to Gabby

Kim watches the incident and notices Gabby looking smug. 

Later, Kim corners Gabby and tells her she’s wiped the CCTV showing she set Dawn up.

The following day, Jamie tells Kim he’s going back to the vets permanently, offering Dawn a job as the receptionist there. 

Meanwhile, Gabby is gutted to see Jamie with Dawn as Kim tells her she’ll be shadowing her from now on.

6. Cain threatens Matty 

Cain urges Matty not to tell Amy about the incident that nearly killed Kyle as he prepares for his date. 

Matty agrees but as he’s enjoying the date, he feels increasingly guilty about lying. 

Viewers will see Matty prepare to tell Amy the truth but will he go through with it?

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