Shetland fans distracted by glaring continuity mistake in season six premiere ‘Blimey!’

Shetland: Douglas Henshall stars in season six trailer

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Douglas Henshall returns as detective Jimmy Perez this week on BBC One. In the highly anticipated premiere, Perez and his partner Alison “Tosh” MacIntosh (played by Alison O’Donnell) investigated another chilling murder, but some rapid snowfall rendered some Shetland fans distracted from the new case. 

Perez and Tosh were called into action once again following the doorstep murder of one of Shetland’s most prominent figures. 

The popular Scottish crime drama finally returned after over two years this week following extensive COVID-19 delays.

While the new premiere was worth the wait for most viewers, some more critical members of the Beeb’s audience couldn’t help but notice a blatant continuity error.

To make matters worse, the editing mistake occurred just after the most crucial scene of the episode; the murder of prominent lawyer Alex Gailbraith (Jim Sturgeon).

Fans flocked to Twitter when they realised a blanket of snow descended on the area in the short time it took for Perez and his squad to arrive. 

Mick Garrett questioned: “How come there’s no snow when he was shot but by the time the police arrive…?”

Offering an explanation, he added: “Two seasons in one day of course.”

The baffling change of scenery may have been an unfortunate symptom of the show’s delays, as filming was put on hold following the outbreak of coronavirus last year.

Series six was originally intended to broadcast in 2020, but production was only able to resume again in February of this year. 

A number of other fans couldn’t help but notice the disorientating weather gaffe.

Mark Nolan said: “That snow came very suddenly in #Shetland.”

However, they also admitted the scenery was as “stunning” as ever, with filming still taking place primarily in the sweeping Shetland Islands.

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Another named Mark Binmore exclaimed: “Blimey. Snow appears quickly in #shetland.”

And Paul Wadsworth said: “Well that snow has b******d up the continuity!”

Finally, user Elle 101 tweeted: “That snow arrived very quickly, even for #Shetland!”

Earlier in the episode, fans were equally confused when Perez was called away from his own mother’s funeral to work the new case.

Steve Wenn queried: “Love this series, but is anyone so indispensable that they’d get called from [their own] mother’s funeral?”

And user @wereinthistogether fumed: “There should always be a standby who steps up. And if it was you, Tosh, you should be ashamed.”

Thankfully, the partners remained on good terms and will be returning to investigate further over the coming five weeks. 

Shetland season 6 continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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