So, Blake Moynes' Dating History Is Pretty Wild, Huh? X

Blake Moynes showed up on The Bachelorette after thirstily sliding into Katie Thurston’s DMs with absolutely no chill whatsoever. As literally everyone is pointing out, Katie is the third person that Blake has dated on national television in the space of one single year, and the time has come to dive into his relationship history. Here’s what we know about whomst the living teddy bear known as Blake has dated—including his many, many, many (kay, fine, just two) Bachelorette relationships.

Katie Thurston

I mean, obviously. Blake’s on Katie’s season right now and JSYK, we already know exactly how far he gets, if you’re in the mood to be spoiled. But just a word of warning: As far as spoilers go, this one is kinda big. Like, huge.

Tayshia Adams

Blake briefly dated Tayshia last season on The Bachelorette, and he fell super hard. Even though they only knew each other for part of a season, but whatever! Blake loves to be in love, okay?! Anyway, Tayshia—who’s currently engaged to Zac Clark—sent Blake packing and he was very much in his feelings over it:

After Tayshia’s season wrapped up, Blake said that he didn’t feel he’d gotten closure, telling Us Weekly in December 2020, “you just naturally think about the what-ifs and you’re always going to until you get closure. And I know that’s why I asked the questions I kind of did at the Men Tell All and I wanted her to kind of give me the answer of, ‘You’re not The One for me, it wasn’t just time.’ I didn’t really fully get that. But, you know, I’ve moved past it now.”

I mean…seems a LIL iffy that Blake had feelings for Tayshia just a few months before joining Katie’s season, which Tayshia happens to be hosting, but hey, weirder things have happened on this show.

Clare Crawley

Blake first joined Bachelor Nation for Clare Crawley’s season, but like the rest of her contestants, he never stood a chance against Dale Moss—who she’s still dating! Even though Clare and Blake’s ‘ship was short-lived, apparently the breakup left him devastated. Poor dude even started stress-balding.

“I was shocked [when they left together]. You saw me, I was distraught. I was literally, like, ‘What is going on?’ I couldn’t believe it because of the timeframe,” he told Us Weekly. “Nothing made sense to me. Now it does. But at the time, I was literally shook. I was distraught. I started stress balding in the shower because I didn’t know that was going on.”


Blake’s pre-Bachelorette past is somewhat of a mystery (and honestly, he appears to have scrubbed clean a lot of his Insta based on the sheer lack of posts and tagged pics), but it looks like he was basically single and not ready to mingle. As his ABC bio puts it, “In the past, Blake spent his Saturday nights hanging with his best friends, but now all of those friends are married and he’s the last single man remaining.”

Got it, so he went from single to dating three different Bachelorettes on TV in the span of a year, cool cool cool. Either way, Blake is clearly a hopeless romantic, and when he joined Clare’s season, he hit Instagram to say he’d “always wanted my love story to be similar to ‘The Notebook.'”

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Not sure joining a reality show is the most Allie and Noah move, but good luck Blake!

^ Me this season.

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