Spoilers: Scarlett thrown under the bus by Princess in cruel act in Doctors

If Doctors has a regular villain, it is surely Princess Buchanan (Laura White). While she occasionally reveals a softer side, more often than not, she is rude and controlling.

This week, she is being shown how to do a particular procedure by Sid (Ashley Rice) when she discovers Scarlett’s ID pass on the floor. This matters because it suggests Scarlett (Kia Pegg) was near the ultrasound machine when it broke (she did, in fact, accidentally break it).

Princess confronts Scarlett directly who panics. Princess wants to see Bear (Dex Lee) about this matter, but he is unavailable. They go to see Zara (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) instead. Karen (Jan Pearson) tells Scarlett exactly what to say and in the end, Zara believes her explanation. Princess is angry and feels increasingly isolated.

Princess continues her quest to blame someone for the broken ultrasound machine, but her colleagues such as Bear and Sid are starting to lose interest. She is pleased to get a call from Dr Abega at her new surgery but otherwise gets herself into trouble because of her bad attitude.

She is rude to Scarlett and Valerie (Sarah Moyle) but is told off by Zara after she is seen being rude to a patient. This isn’t the first time this happened.

Later, Princess continues to be rude to everyone but nevertheless attracts a surprising amount of sympathy from Ruhma (Barti Patel). But then, she receives an important phone call.

Could her luck be about to change?

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