Strictlys Judi Love shares real reason for landing in dance-off: Theyre jealous

Strictly: Judi and Graziano talk being in the bottom two

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Judi Love has landed herself near the bottom of the Strictly Come Dancing leaderboard for the past two weeks. However, she and pro partner Graziano Di Prima have avoided being eliminated. When the Loose Women host appeared on BBC Two’s It Takes Two on Tuesday, she playfully revealed to presenter Rylan Clark-Neal the reason she thinks she was in the dance-off twice. 

The London-based English comedian, 41, is known for being a panellist on ITV’s Loose Women where she has opened up on her Strictly experience. 

Judi hasn’t hesitated to gush over Graziano’s handsome looks with her Loose Women co-stars. 

She recently told Charlene White, Coleen Nolan, Brenda Edwards and Carol McGiffin the 27-year-old Italian dancer was “beautiful”.

Judi also told her fellow ITV panellists she affectionately calls him “Graz” for short. 

When Judi appeared on It Takes Two earlier this week, host Rylan had to ask her and Graziano about their low scores which have put them in the dance-off. 

He said: “You’ve been in the dance-off two weeks in a row – we are not having that for three weeks in a row are we Judi?”

A determined Judi replied: “No, we are putting that positive energy out into the universe.”

Graziano interrupted his partner and shouted out: “Absolutely. People, we are through to another week. We need you.” 

Judi echoed his comments by pleading to the viewers watching the show at home: “We need you.”

She added: “Don’t be upset because I am dancing with the lovely Graziano.”

A flustered Graziano interjected to reveal to Rylan what Judi had been telling him behind the scenes about why she thought they were in the dance-off twice. 

The pro dancer quipped: “Do you know what she’s been saying when we were in the changing room?

“She said, ‘You know what? I think the other women are jealous because I am dancing with you’.”

Judi burst into laughter following Graziano’s admission and jokingly agreed with him on the matter. 

Rylan, who was also amused by the situation, told the couple he couldn’t wait to see them perform together on the next instalment of Strictly. 

Judi danced the Waltz with Graziano on Saturday night’s show, dedicating the routine to her late parents.

After her performance, the comedian seemed close to tears as she spoke about her sister Sharon in the audience.

Judi said: “When my mum first had her aneurysm when I was nine, my sister was only 18 and she fully took care of me and our home, so she is fully one of my heroes.”

Last week, Judi was shocked when Sean Paul got in touch to comment on how much he loved her Samba the week before.

Strictly Come Dancing airs on Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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