Stylist who worked with Britney & Miley says it's the dream job despite lockdown & she wants to work with Oprah

A HOLLYWOOD stylist to the stars – who has dressed everyone from Britney Spears to Miley Cyrus – opened up about her dream job and says she'd love to style Oprah Winfrey, The Sun can reveal.

LA businesswoman Nikki Lund, a childhood friend of Kim Kardashian, has been juggling motherhood with work during lockdown and even launched a new collection.

She told The Sun exclusively her best memories are making custom clothes for celebrities, including country singer Carrie Underwood, whom she styled for the AMAs, Blake Shelton, Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, and Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin.

She said: "Being a true Rock God, I really enjoyed making custom shirts for Robert Plant, he is truly one of the most down to earth individuals that I have ever met and worked with and so damn cool.

"One of the best memories was in Japan and Scotland with Robert and his band and traveling in the tour bus to a couple shows. It was magical energy and inspiring to this day.

"I also enjoyed making clothes and sketching ideas for Britney Spears, her body is one of a goddess and heavenly to dress."

She added: "Britney is an icon and I loved seeing her dance in my dresses. She made the clothes come to life.

"Watching the transformation of people's energy through fashion is a real gift and passion."

Talking about her dream client, she said she'd love to style for Oprah, who she says has inspired her since she was a child having gone from "rags to riches."

Nikki said: "Things were not always smooth sailing for Oprah from what I have read about her.

"Growing up I watched her continue to evolve as a entrepreneur, TV, personality, producer, writer, magazines, actress.

"She continued to expand her horizons and pave a new path for all woman.

"As a young woman, she taught me what it meant to never give up on your dream and purpose.

"She is a true rags-to-riches story of success. She is self-made and I have so much respect for her."

She added: "Oprah makes me strive to be a better person and makes me want to live my best life. She's my dream model and I just love her."

Nikki has launched a new collection which she's described as "vibrant, ultra fem and energetic" and says she's had to change the way she works due to the COVID pandemic.

She explained: "It is a different approach for me because I am in a more creative space being cooped up at home for a year with my son.

"Home-schooling, working full time, balancing and scheduling… I feel like I have become a more evolved version of myself as a mom.

"I have been so totally and completely overwhelmed, in the best possible way, by love, joy, responsibility, and selflessness.

"I designed a collection that reflected the fragility of ruffles and dainty little flower details.

"My collections in the past have consisted of more neutral tones with blunt and geometric hem lines.

"The colors and patterns I chose this season are energetic, bright yellows, greens, blues and pink."

She added: "I also incorporated unique tie dyes which are a huge trend for the spring/summer season and bring a certain sense of easy going energy that we need now. 

"This collection has been a process of healing for me during this COVID mess we are all in. I needed some uplifting energy and influence."

Nikki is also an artist herself and released her new track, You and I, with ex-lover Richie earlier this year, and says she will continue to release new music and style herself.

Nikki said: "I wear all my own custom clothes for my music videos and love designing clothes for myself when I have down time.

"I learn a lot about myself each time I start sketching new ideas. It’s much different designing for myself as opposed to other artists because it’s me seeing myself objectively.

"It is a way to detach from the Nikki as a mom, friends daughter, person and what is actually going on in my day to day life and see myself as Nikki the entertainer/ singer, songwriter. 

"Nikki the artist. It’s a way to see an outside view of me from the inside out.

"When I design for other artists I see a view from outside in. It’s a kind of reverse projection of my craft designing for myself which is fun."

Nikki, 39, has also opened a pop-up store in Dallas, Texas, and aims to launch one in LA in coming months, while she has more projects on the horizon – along with dealing with A-list clients.

"I do have a jewelry line coming out soon which is very exciting," she said.

"It is the first time I have ever launched a jewelry line and it is a whole new approach to designing.

"It is the beginning of a whole new launch of Nikki Lund products you will see in the next couple years.

"I am aiming to create a one stop shop for my customers to complete their looks head to toe while they shop in my store. Stay tuned."

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