Taking the p*** The Chase backlash as partially-sighted player asked about Del Boy coat

The Chase: Bradley asks an Only Fools and Horses question

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Legal advisor Annah, 45, had already discussed with The Chase host Bradley Walsh how she had very poor vision, but during her cash-builder round on the ITV show, she was asked which character in the popular comedy Only Fools and Horses was often “seen” in a sheepskin coat. The “unfair” question left fans of the show fuming over the brainteaser’s wording.

Ahead of the cash-builder round, Bradley addressed Annah’s sight problems.

“I know that you have a sight impediment,” he stated.

The Magistrates’ Court worker replied: “Yes, that’s right.”

The presenter asked: “Has that helped you in the legal game? And what I mean is are you sort of paying more attention?”

“You know what, you’re actually right,” the Nottingham-based contestant replied.

“Because I actually am not distracted by visual cues – you’re right, that’s very true.”

Just a couple of questions into her solo round though, Annah, who needed assistance getting to and from her seat during the show, was asked a question that required the ability to see clearly.

Bradley asked: “Which Only Fools and Horses character was often seen in a sheepskin coat?”

After she answered “Boycie”, Bradley informed her that Del Boy was the correct answer.

Taking to Twitter, many viewers blasted the show for asking the question to the visually-impaired contestant.

Sam Bennett wrote: “The chase just asked Annah, who is blind, which character from only fools and horses is often ‘seen’ in a sheepskin coat #TheChase.”

Steve Lowe echoed this, commenting: “I’m sorry, but asking that sheepskin coat question to someone who’s visually impaired… #TheChase.”

TRIPLE 6 penned: “‘Which Only Fools & Horses character is often seen wearing a sheepskin coat?’ F*** off ITV asking that to a BLIND contestant! #TheChase.”

Sara asked: “Are they taking the p*** with that coat question? She’s blind #TheChase.”

“As if you’ve just asked a partially sighted lady who was often seen wearing a sheepskin coat #TheChase,” Rachel Mayhew shared.

However, it should be noted that all questions on The Chase are selected at random, with the ITV quiz show coming under fire in similar instances before.

Annah managed to achieve £7,000 in her cash-builder round despite the difficult question.

She was then offered by Chaser Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett a high offer of £50,000 and a low option of just £1,000.

Annah opted to stick with the £7,000 and successfully made it back to her team.

Along with fellow contestants Dave and Rachel, Annah ended up taking home a share of the money they’d built up following a strong performance in the Final Chase.

Despite being against only three players, Mark faced a tricky round, and the trio ended up with £15,000 to share between them.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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