Ted Lasso season 2: Keeley star details ‘emotional’ and surprising scene with Roy Kent

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During lockdown, fans grew to love Ted Lasso and the heartwarming series has captured audiences worldwide. While fans love Ted’s exploits as a coach, viewers have also loved witnessing the budding relationship between Keeley (played by Juno Temple) and retired footballer Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). Star Temple has since revealed why she loved the season two, second episode ending scene between the two so much.

After beginning a relationship at the end of season one, fans were delighted to see Keeley and Roy happier than ever in the latest season, which dropped on July 23.

The curmudgeonly Roy quickly became a fan-favourite after his feelings for Keeley grew over time.

After a hilarious and surprisingly emotional scene between the two in episode two of the latest season, Temple spoke about the scene with TVLine.

She said: “I was delighted beyond belief by that scene.”

The scene sees Roy return to Keeley’s house after a difficult day coaching kids’ football.

He arrives home to see his girlfriend enjoying a video of himself crying at his retirement press conference during an intimate moment.

Keeley freaks out when Roy enters the room and attempts to hide her phone.

A curious Roy sees what she has been watching and it is clear the footballer is very confused by her “kink”.

However, Keeley explains that she loved seeing him be vulnerable and he later thanks her for forcing him to become a Sky Sports pundit, which he loved.

“It truly covered so many emotions — so, like, a micro-universe insight into a relationship,” Temple explained.

She stated that the reason the scene works so well is that viewers are given a greater insight into who Keeley and Roy are as people.

She added that her “casual white lie” brought humour to the emotional scene.

Keeley expressed to Roy that he so rarely is passionate and vulnerable, especially since he retired from football.

She is struggling with Roy as he is unhappy with coaching kids’ football and later suggests he take up punditry.

After a successful first run for Sky Sports, Roy decides this is the direction he wants to head into and is grateful to Keeley for helping him realise that.

Temple added that the bedroom scene was “hot” and was glad the couple got that moment in the series.

“Men are beautiful and sexy and delicious when they want to be vulnerable,” the actress later stated.

Fans also loved the scene and one person wrote on Twitter: “I really love Roy and Keeley’s relationship. #TedLasso.”

“Keeley and Roy’s dynamic on Ted Lasso is the best,” someone else tweeted after the episode aired.

Another added: “I fall more in love with Roy and Keeley every episode of Ted Lasso.”

Ted Lasso season two continues on Apple TV+ every Friday.

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