'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Why Jenelle Evans Compared Husband David Eason to R. Kelly

Jenelle vents about MTV in front of the network’s own cameras, regarding the show’s treatment of her husband.

In an attempt to paint MTV as the bad guy for icing husband David Eason out of filming, Jenelle Evans made one drastic comparison on Monday’s "Teen Mom 2" that really didn’t do either of them any favors.

The reality star’s storyline started with a slate from the network explaining David’s continued absence, as well as her unusual filming situation on the show.

"Because of David’s earlier texts threatening that he would show up to shoots and force production to shut down, MTV crews are still not able to film in North Carolina with Jenelle," the note read. David was initially fired over anti-LGBTQ comments he made in 2018.

So, instead of filming at or around her home, Jenelle flew to Florida to hang with a friend for the weekend, meaning MTV camera crews were allowed to shoot her. While she said things were "cool" with David, Evans explained tensions escalated again between her and her mother, Barbara.

"She’s back to the way she was about thinking things about what the tabloids are writing and she doesn’t even come ask me about it," she vented to a friend. "If there’s rumors Jenelle’s getting a divorce, my mom’s like, ‘Are you getting a divorce?’ She films things behind my back that airs on TV."

It seems Jenelle had seen a recent episode of the show where Barbara broke down in tears, accusing David of "hurting" her daughter, as MTV showed a clip before Evans continued.

"It hurt my feelings because it’s about my relationship and she knows about my relationship, yet she’s saying different things to other people that aren’t true, when she knows the truth," said Jenelle. "I told my mom, I can’t be that open with you anymore. You get protective or offended over the littlest things."

Evans explained she was on "I don’t trust you" terms with Barbara for now, even though her mother was helping her watch her kids while she was out of town.

Later in the episode, Jenelle met up with fellow "Teen Mom 2" costar Briana DeJesus, using her as a sounding board for her ongoing issues with production and explaining why she doesn’t want to talk about David on the show.

"I’m not talking about relationships because David can’t talk about anything, so I’m not going put him in that position. He doesn’t have the chance, he’s not allowed to be filmed," she said.

"It’s kinda like someone’s gonna go make a documentary about you and you have no say about it," added Jenelle. "Kinda like the R. Kelly thing, you know what I mean. They went and interviewed all these different people but they didn’t interview R. Kelly to see what he had to think about it and I feel like everyone here is just like filming about David, David, David, David and David doesn’t get to say nothing about anything. He doesn’t get to say shit about nothing."

Telling Briana that things between her and her husband are good, she then claimed the filming schedule is "literally" the only thing the two fight about.

"We had some ups and downs about me traveling a lot," she said, claiming producers told her they aren’t "comfortable" filming in North Carolina because of David’s texts threatening to show up. "David said he’ll leave," she added, "but they think he’ll come and jump in front of the camera."

"He just doesn’t want me going out of town all the time to have to film. That’s literally all me and David argue about," Jenelle continued. "He doesn’t cheat on me, he doesn’t do anything wrong as a husband, he’s perfect. It’s just we argue about filming."

Briana said it sounds like it’ll eventually come down to Jenelle choosing between her marriage and filming. "That’s what I keep telling them," said Evans in response.

Looks like this conversation will continue next week, as a preview showed Jenelle exclaiming that "something needs to change" regarding their shooting situation.

Of course, all this was filmed long before David killed Jenelle’s dog, a move that has sparked extreme backlash in the past week. According to TMZ, the incident has cemented David being axed from the show.

"We’re told MTV will air NO video of David, partly because of his actions, but also because they perceive him to be a real threat," read the report. "One source said they’re worried about the safety of Jenelle and her family."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.

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