Teen Mom Chelsea Houska shows off flat tummy in a sports bra before a workout session after welcoming fourth baby

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska showed off her flat tummy in a sports bra before her workout session after welcoming her fourth baby. 

Chelsea, 29, posted a short vid of her toned body in an Instagram Story.

The caption of the video said: "Let's go ride!"

The Teen Mom 2 alum welcomed her fourth child, Walker, back in January. 

This is not the first time Chelsea has flaunted her flat tummy on social media.

Recently, the TV star bared her stomach while wearing a sports bra and tight biker shorts.

In her vid, Chelsea promoted Dripfit, which is a natural workout intensifier.

In the caption, Chelsea wrote: "You know just trying out some things.

"So this isn't an ad or anything, but I got this stuff. I don't know if it works or not. I've been trying it out. I put this on, and then I put the wrap on when I work out around my stomach area.

"I saw someone post it, and I was like I'm going to give that a try on the mom tum. It makes you sweat a lot in that area."

After putting on the wrap over her stomach, Chelsea added: "Then I just wrap it on up, pull the shorts up on over it, and get on the bike and have a good time.

"I really don't know what I'm doing I'm just trying some products and doing my best lol."

The Teen Mom star was also slammed by fans for wearing "a full face" of makeup during her Peloton bike routine.

Chelsea rocked heavy eyeliner and mascara while sweat dripped down her face. 

One Redditor wrote: "She wears falsies and full eye makeup to work out? That's how you get a funky sty, girl."

A second person: "Imagining her makeup removal process gives me anxiety."

A commentator chimed in: "Makeup while working out. In your own home. Cool."

Back in March, Chelsea claimed she about "very out of shape" about two months after giving birth to her and Cole's third child together. 

In an Instagram Story, Chelsea told her followers that she was feeling "ready and motivated" to start exercising. 

Chelsea said: "I'm ready to just… I turn 30 this year and I'm ready to be motivated. I have a goal in mind. I want to be feeling 100 percent by then."

Chelsea is also the mother to daughter Aubree, 12, who she shares with her ex Adam Lind, 31.

She shares Watson, four, Layne two, and Walker, three months, with Cole DeBoer, 33.

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