‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Has Some Interesting Thoughts on Pregnancy and Parenting

Followers have said many things about former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s parenting. Some comments are supportive, and others aren’t so nice. But what does the reality star think about the job she’s doing as a mother? Here’s what Abraham once said about pregnancy and her parenting skills.

How Farrah Abraham deals with mom-shamers

During a 2018 podcast, Jenny McCarthy asked Abraham how she handles all the hatred she receives from people on social media about her parenting. For Abraham, faith, therapy, and mediation keep her grounded:

I just stay close to my faith. I stay close to my therapy, my meditation, all the good things that feed me every day and I don’t pay attention to the negativity. And I think  the message on Face the Truth was, if any of the moms, if any of the parents out there are dealing with this stuff and they’re being caught in this in-between of negativity and allowing their kids to do things, I think it speaks louder to not let those bullies and the negativity affect your growth, your creativity, and your passions and your future. And that’s all I really got out of it.

Farrah Abraham said motherhood doesn’t have to stop you from traveling and being glamorous

During a 2018 interview on Luxe Life with Candice Bar,Abraham said being a mother doesn’t have to prevent you from living a fulllife. “Many women will be mothers, and I’m happy to be on that bandwagon ofmotherhood. And you can still find joy and glamour and travel the world withyour kids. So, there’s really nothing holding you back from being and amazingparent and living that amazing life that you want,” said Abraham.

Farrah Abraham’s thoughts on pregnancy

Abraham said if she ever got pregnant again, she’s not sure if she would plan it. She spoke about how beautiful pregnancy is and how it changed her. Here’s what Abraham told Bar:

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I honestly say if I ever got pregnant again would I really want to plan it? Because I actually stepped up. I embraced the surprise of being a young mother. And I had a lot of surprises. It just wasn’t pregnancy, you know I lost Sophia’s father when I was 8 months pregnant, and you just have to go with whatever your life is giving you and make the best out of it. Otherwise, we couldn’t be who we normally are.

Farrah Abraham sees herself as a leader

Abraham told the host she’s happy to be an example and a role model for other women who are going through experiences similar to hers. “In my memoir, it was a New York Times bestselling book, I wrote about that and so many women related to that and I’m very just proud to just be another ear or another listener, a leader and just sharing our feelings that all of us are really going through. To have that environment, that community, is really great for all of us.”

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