Teen Mom Jenelle Evans ripped for 'failing at being a mommy influencer' after posting a 'relatable' parenting video

JENELLE Evans has been ripped for posting a "cringy" parenting video about moms watching their kids in the pool.

The Teen Mom 2 alum, 29, was accused of "failing at being a mommy influencer" after sharing her "relatable" TikTok about things that irritable moms say.

Jenelle filmed herself in her yard, staring out past the camera as if watching her three kids in the pool.

The Teen Mom alum yelled out a series of orders like, "OK you're out of time out you can go in the pool!" and "Don't drink the pool water!"

At one point, she muttered, "Holy s**t, I need more coffee," before taking a sip from her cup.

Jenelle then went back to her instructions, shouting "Yes, you can go inside to poop! You didn't pee in the pool did you?

"Stop jumping on each other's back, one of you is going to drown. Don't put your hand over his snorkel, he won't be able to breathe."

The former MTV star captioned the clip: "How many moms can relate? How’s summer going so far?  #MomLife #Parenting #Relatable."

Jenelle's critics flocked to Reddit to accuse her of trying to be a "mommy influencer".

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One wrote: "She wants so badly to be a mommy influencer but she sucks at parenting lmao."

Another added: "I mean she is failing HARD at being a mommy influencer like this isn't even relatable lol."

"I just watched it, it’s so cringe," a third posted.

Jenelle is mom to three children – sons Jace, 11, and Kaiser, six, and daughter Ensley, four.

Fans recently slammed Jenelle and her husband David Eason for their questionable parenting styles.

Last week, David, 33, shared a video of the walls of their family home covered in paint, crayon marks and mud by the children.

The ex MTV star went round the house videoing pen and paint marks and small doodles left by the children on the walls, furniture and doors.

Fans slammed the couple for allowing the children to be unsupervised and draw on the walls.

"Tell them not to draw on the walls and learn to parent," one woman wrote, to which Jenelle responded: "We parent just fine."

Meanwhile, earlier this month Jenelle was slammed for drinking at 11am after fans spotted cans of Corona on her desk.

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