Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for claiming 'she has a college degree' when she graduated from medical assistant program

TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans was slammed for claiming "she has a college degree."

Many fans pointed out that the 29-year-old graduated from a medical assistant program instead of a college.

The drama began when one Instagram user defended Jenelle's recent appearance on Candace Owens' show, writing: "Y'all bet not start harassing Candace for allowing @j_evans1219 on her show neither! Y'all need to get a damn life when y'all try to stop someone else's blessings you really blocking your own."

A number of Instagram users responded to the initial comment, with some accusing the former Teen Mom 2 star of not being educated.

Jenelle defended herself when she responded: "No education? Well I have my high school Diploma and a college degree… but yeah let's not talk about facts."

A number of MTV fans took to Reddit to slam Jenelle for making the claims, as they pointed out that the former reality star "in fact does not have a college degree."

One person wrote: "There’s a reason she’s called Delujenelle!!"

Another added: "It’s totally ok to not go to college. I have a higher degree than my husband who makes more money than me in the trades. Ffs don’t lie about it."

A third chimed in: "It's just so infuriating that she thinks we are all this stupid. We saw yah on TV doing school, and never being able to work in the field, you pinecone."

Many pointed out that Jenelle went to school while starring on Teen Mom 2, as someone else said: "It's just weird when a person lies about things that are so easy to disprove. she may as well start claiming that she was Trump's vice president, founded Avon cosmetics & has never been arrested.

An additional person asked: "Is she addicted to people calling her out on her lies or something and that's why she makes them so easy to disprove? Jenelle we ALL have google, not just you…"

The criticism continued as another Reddit user wrote: "And it doesn't really count if you've never used it. It especially doesn't count if you're legally barred from using it… (Can she even work in that field with her record?)"

A following person commented: "Typically people who have college degrees don’t mention their high school diploma …. lol."

The backlash comes after Jenelle was interviewed by Candace on Tuesday.

While speaking to Candace in a new interview, the host asked if she would return to MTV if they offered her a chance to go back.

She was famously fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 after her husband David Eason killed their family dog, Nugget.

Jenelle said: "I'm open to opportunities.

"Probably not the same show, but I'm open to talking to any networks, like I said and we would have to have long discussions."

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