Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed over 'dirty' garage as fans say it looks like a 'junkyard'

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans was slammed by fans over her "dirty" garage as they say it looks like a "junkyard."

Not only are fans criticizing the way she lives, but fans have also focused on what Jenelle's family eats daily.

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Jenelle, 28, took to Instagram over the weekend to show fans as she and her family spent some time together.

In a video where she showed Kaiser drying off after getting caught in the rain, fans quickly noticed just how messy her garage was.

Redditors took to the social media platform to criticize the Teen Mom 2 alum's home with one fan saying: "Their house and yard literally looks like a junkyard."

A second one commented: "Why is their life so dirty?"

A third one shared: "All of their photos look like they have a distinct smell."

A fourth one used the picture as inspiration and said: "This reminds me, cleaning out my garage needs to be at the top of my spring cleaning list!"

And a fifth one commented: "I get it's a garage but still eww."

Sadly, this isn't the first time that Jenelle has been criticized as she gives fans a glimpse into her daily life.

Most recently, David, 32, took to his Instagram Stories to give Teen Mom fans a look at his breakfast in a to-go box of scrambled eggs, grits, sausage, and liver pudding.

Narrating the clip, he admitted: “Ew, that looks gross when you zoom in up close. But when you put it in your mouth? It’s delicious!”

Making sure everyone knew what the dish was, David explained: “Liver pudding and grits.” 

All of the items had their own spot in the to-go box, with the pudding sitting in a dollop on top of the grits, but then David decided to mix it all up, creating a mushy mess of the two foods.

“Looks better when you stir it all together. Mmhm!” he said.

Critics were quick to brand Jenelle as a "horrible mother" and accused her of consistently feeding her kids "unhealthy" meals.

Jenelle was quick to clap back at haters of this meal and of her eating biscuits and gravy, saying their "don't eat this every single morning."

Meanwhile, David is all about having shocking meals, and he recently proudly talk about killing and eating the family goat Elvis, which had been born on their farm and they had raised for over a year.

The former Teen Mom 2 star showed off two pieces of raw meat where he wrote: "This is where goat nuggets come from, for all those asking."

He addressed the camera directly as he bit into a grilled piece of meat: "If you're wondering what a goat taste like off the grill, well I'm here to tell you: tastes like chicken, tastes a little like beef or pork and it's real good."

Another time, he took Ensley squirrel hunting and snapped a photo of the little one holding a dead squirrel by the tail, with another photo then showing the family sitting down for their squirrel dinner.

Aside from goats and squirrels, Jenelle's husband is also a big fan of spreading mayonnaise on a piece of white bread topped off with some bananas.

"If your Granny never made you one of these, was she even a Granny?" the fired star asked fans on social media.

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