The Chase viewers in disbelief at contestants answer to simple sport question

The Chase viewers were left shocked when one contestant gave a 'stupid' answer to what seems to have been a simple question.

Contestant Nathan wasn't having a very good game after he achieved an average £3,000 on the cash builder.

Despite this, he went on to go up again chaser Paul Sinha – as well as taking the highest offer.

It seems that luck wasn't on Nathan's side as he was then asked a seemingly simple question but it wasn't clear whether Nathan thought it through properly.

The question Nathan got confused on was: "The Winter Olympics in Lake Placid in the USA in 1932 and 1980 took place in what month?"

He was then given the options of February, May and August, but Nathan didn't go for the obvious choice.

The contestant opted for August as his final answer which left host of the show Bradley Walsh completely shocked.

However, if Nathan had puzzled over the question a little longer he likely would have come to the correct conclusion – with February being the only winter month included.

Viewers of the show couldn't believe that Nathan had chosen the wrong answer and took to Twitter to discuss their disbelief.

One person wrote: "#TheChase ah yes, the famous winter month of… August."

While another added: "The Winter Olympics in AUGUST?! #TheChase," as a third said: "August is my favourite winter month… #TheChase."

The chaser then ended up catching up with Nathan and he was eliminated from the programme ahead of the final chase.

Recently, the show was involved in a major shake-up as Bradley Walsh was replaced as host during a special bloopers episode.

Bradley, who has presented the series since 2009, was replaced by comedian Joe Pasquale for The Chase: The Bloopers on Sunday 2nd January.

Joe started the special programme by saying: "Hello and welcome to The Chase. I'm Bradley Walsh, TV's luckiest man."

However, this was short lived as Bradley then shouted 'cut' before asking security to get rid of his replacement.

The funny moment was a planned segment of the show as Bradley then went on to introduce the bloopers special before showing other funny moments in The Chase's history.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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