The Chase's Bradley Walsh left 'fuming' by question – and viewers aren't happy either | The Sun

THE CHASE fans were left frustrated by one very confusing question asked on the show.

On Wednesday's episode of the ITV series, host Bradley Walsh was joined by four hopefuls.

They were set to face Chaser Jenny Ryan, who also goes by her nickname 'The Vixen.'

Business consultant Dan, 44, had already managed to win an impressive £6,000 and gone through to the final.

It was 55-year-old contestant Gwyneth who was up next, and she was armed with some impressive knowledge.

However, there was one question which caught her by surprise.


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Bradley asked her: "A Bhangmetre is used to detect what?”

The three potential answers were: “A: Black holes, B: Volcanic activity or C: Nuclear explosions."

Marketing officer Gwyneth didn't know the answer off the top of her head, but made a logical guess, opting for volcanic activity as her choice.

She explained that her reasoning was "you wouldn't need tools to detect explosions on such a large scale," as Bradley nodded.

Chaser Jenny opted for black holes as her answer.

But it turns out, both of them were wrong, as the answer was in fact nuclear explosions.

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Bradley couldn’t help but joke at the correct answer: “You’re kidding, REALLY!?!?”

“There’s a nuclear bomb going off. I don’t know, get the bhangmetre out, under the stairs, next to the hoover.

"Just go and get it… too late, forget it!"

Despite the answer not being clear to those on the show itself, viewers at home were furious that no one had made the obvious link between 'bhang', and 'bang', hinting at an explosion.

Taking to Twitter to air their frustrations, one viewer wrote: “FFS #TheChase Bhangmeter??!!!!!!

"Do you know something we don't? #RunForTheHills #globalthermonuclearwar”

Another said: “Bhangmeter. Bang! Obvious?…#TheChase

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Thankfully, Gwyneth managed to make it into the final, along with all of her fellow contestants.

But sadly, they didn't grab the prize as they were outsmarted by the Chaser.

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