The Diplomat stars address shows future with ‘much more’ to explore

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The Diplomat started airing recently, following consulate worker Laura Simmonds (played by Sophie Rundle) as she aided British nationals in distress in Spain. The six-part series sees Laura and her team trying to help UK tourists caught up in various plights no matter how big or small from stolen or lost passports to becoming victims of crime. The show was written by Party Animals and Cobra’s Ben Richards, who wanted to explore this world which hasn’t often been depicted on screen previously.

The show airs weekly on UKTV’s Alibi channel and features guest cast members, who appear in each instalment for a story of the week.

At the same time, there a story arcs running through the whole series and simmering under the surface with each instalment shedding a little bit more light on these serial threads.

Speaking to media including, producer Simon Heath addressed the show’s future: “I’d love there to be a series two.”

He continued: “[The cast] are such a great bunch and a great bunch of characters and Ben writes it brilliantly.

“There’s so much more to be explored in Barcelona but at the end of the day it’s whether the audience takes to the show.”

He added: “If they take to the show then we’ll come back and give them some more.” also spoke exclusively to stars Steven Cree and Dylan Brady, who play British Consulate workers Sam Henderson and Carl Hyndley respectively.

Cree: “I would love it if there was one. I think there’s definitely scope to have more from the premise of the show.

“I say that from the fact that there’s a continuing story throughout it, each week as well Laura, Alba [Ortiz played by Serena Manteghi] help various distressed British nationals – that could be endless.

“So that could definitely be explored further. I hope or feel by the time you get to the end, there will definitely be an appetite for more.”

The Outlander and A Discovery of Witches star went on to say: “It’s a really enjoyable [watch] but it also challenges you in the right ways but also there’s enough lightness in there.

“It’s a really great blend of light and dark and humour and pathos and I think it’s hard to get that right in shows.

“I don’t know exactly what you would describe the tone of The Diplomat, it’s definitely a drama but there’s a lot of humour. And hopefully they’ll invite me back if they do it.”

While Brady said of his hopes for a second outing: “I’d love us to get another go.”

Reflecting on his character’s growth in the future, the former Coronation Street star said: “I’d like to see Carl get a little bit more responsibility, to be a bit more in action.

“A part of the show is Laura and Alba and I was very much out in the field both with Laura and Alba and independently and you do a get hint of that with Carl.

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“You get a hint that he is out and about somewhat but he’s mostly in the office.

“If we were lucky enough to do a season two, I’d like to see Carl take on more responsibility, take on his own cases, be out of the office a little bit more, enjoying the sun.”

For now, UKTV will be looking at the audience figures for The Diplomat as the show goes out before making a decision either way.

But if there is enough interest then the show could indeed be making a comeback at some point.

The Diplomat airs on UKTV’s Alibi channel on Tuesdays at 9pm

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