The One Show’s Alex Jones takes brutal swipe at Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer breaks silence after dramatic EastEnders exit

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On Tuesday’s instalment of BBC’s The One Show, hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas welcomed Danny Dyer, Ellie Taylor, Joel Dommett and Tom Grennan onto the sofa. Although when speaking about Danny’s upcoming BBC gameshow, the presenter took a brutal swipe at the 45-year-old.

Introducing the duo to viewers, Alex asked them to explain a bit more about what people can expect in their new quiz show called Cheat.

The former Strictly star informed the hosts contestants taking part can answer the question if they know it, but if they don’t they’re able to press a button to give them the answer.

However, the 39-year-old revealed the other players won’t know who has pressed the button or not, which means they have to work out who among them is lying.

After playing a snippet of the upcoming series, Jermaine questioned the duo on what their roles are in the show.

Danny said: “Well first of all it’s a very odd duo, it does work for some reason.

“I was trying to think about what I do in it because Ellie brings sophistication and class.”

As the former EastEnders star was unsure about his official role in the new game show, he questioned Ellie to see if she knew.

Although The One Show’s Alex quickly interjected: “The thing is Ellie asks the questions and you’re faffing about really.

“You know, sort of on the side with the contestants, in the nicest possible way.”
As laughter could be heard behind the camera from members in the studio, Danny took her swipe in good humour as he somewhat agreed.

He continued: “I sort of am, yeah. When we were filming I thought I was doing a lot but actually, when I watched it, I thought, ‘you’re not doing much in it’.

“I just float about and I try to stir the pot because what you want is the contestants kicking off with each other, throwing shade and it’s about the psychology.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the hosts touched on Danny’s upcoming drama since leaving his role in EastEnders over Christmas last year.

The soap star, who played Mick Carter since 2013, made his dramatic exit after his character drowned trying to save the love of his life.

In an intense episode, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) plunged her car off of the cliff into the English Channel with Linda (Kellie Bright) in tow.

As Mick dove in to release Janine, he went back in for Linda without realising she’d managed to escape which resulted in him drowning.

However, Danny Dyer fans will be able to see him on-screen once again in another drama as he’s set to star in Channel 5’s Heat.

Speaking about his decision to join the cast, he told Alex: “I left EastEnders, it was a very emotional thing for me and I signed up for this other job.

“I literally left, packed a bag and then flew to Australia. The only reason I did it, it was a really good script and everything, but I wanted to work in the sunshine.

“I got to Melbourne and it rained every single day.”

The One Show continues weekdays on BBC One from 7pm.

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