The Tower slammed by ITV viewers as they expose inaccurate plot hole Rubbish!

The Tower: Police officer threatens woman with Mental Health Act

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The Tower follows rookie police officer Lizzie Adama (played by Tahirah Sharif), who is found at the top of a tower block following the tragic deaths of another police officer and a teenager. In the three-part ITV series, it is uncovered that Lizzie and her colleagues have a history of corruption and it’s up to Sarah Collins (Gemma Whelan), to uncover the truth about what really happened. But as the story continued in episode two, a flurry of online complaints came in slamming the “unrealistic” storyline and one or two questionable plot holes.

One scene in episode two on Tuesday saw Lizzie covering for her colleague PC Hadley Matthews (Nick Holder) after he allegedly made racist remarks to a member of the public.

Later, the officers were trying to help a woman who had been badly attacked but was refusing to go to the hospital, and Matthews threatened to section her under the mental health act.

Before Hadley’s arrival, the attacker had come back and threatened Lizzie before making an escape.

Taking to Twitter, Samantha exposed a plot hole with the sequence: “Being an officer, watching the inaccuracies is quite funny.

“Did the police just section someone under the MHA in a dwelling?

“The power is useless in a dwelling. How easier it would be to help if it wasn’t. #TheTower.”

@TheRealDeclanK1 penned: “A woman is covered in blood, a man has a gun, he walks out of the house & another police officer walks in & didn’t see anything & then all he wants is a cup of tea. #TheTower is rubbish.”

“Why are these dramas so bad lately. They should be gripping  #Thetower,” Bev posted.

Twitter user Jacqui gave up on the show, commenting: “Sorry. I’m out! Rubbish.#thetower.” (sic)

Others have been enjoying the series, though. Mark O’Reilly chimed: “Quite enjoying this new crime drama #TheTower on @itv this week.”

Rosalind added: “#TheTower this so good, I’m really enjoying how the pieces are fitting together now.”

“Well I’m really enjoying this. Very intriguing #TheTower,” pollyk stated.

Monday’s premiere episode saw Sarah trying to work out how it came to be that Lizzie and a five-year-old boy remained alive at the top of the tower, while another police officer and a second person fell to their deaths.

The second episode threw up more unanswered questions as further details from the event complicated the case even more.

Lizzie has been on the run since the incident, and her disappearance was finally brought to public attention.

Evidence of corruption was brought to light in the episode, as well as the fact that Lizzie had been having an affair with DCI Kieran Shaw (Emmett J Scanlan).

The drama concludes after Wednesday’s third instalment.

An ITV synopsis reads: “Lizzie decides to turn herself in, but first she meets Kieran Shaw in secret, who tries to persuade her not to implicate herself.

“When Sarah finally interviews Lizzie, the explosive truth about what really happened on top of the tower emerges.”

The Tower continues at 9pm on ITV on Wednesday, while episodes are also available to watch on ITV Hub.

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