The Walking Dead World Beyond: What Walking Dead characters inspired the cast?

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond is a new spin-off series which has formed part of The Walking Dead franchise and it is set 10 years after the apocalypse. The coming-of-age series follows a group of teenagers as they venture off on their own in search of family. Some of the cast spoke exclusively to and other media about which original Walking Dead characters inspired them.

What Walking Dead characters inspired the World Beyond cast?

The Walking Dead: World Beyond made its debut on Prime Video on October 2 in the UK, and it aired in the US two days later.

The episodes are airing weekly and so far fans have seen the young survivors leave the safety of their university campus in search of Iris (played by Aliyah Royale) and Hope’s (Alexa Mansour) father.

But after they had left, the deceiving lieutenant of the CRM, Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond), slaughtered everyone left on campus as they were considered “a threat”.

Meanwhile viewers also learned of how Hope had accidentally shot and killed her friend Elton’s (Nicolas Cantu) mother when she was a child at the start of the apocalypse.

Sadly due to the time jump, none of the original characters from The Walking Dead will feature in the series, although there have been nods to the whereabouts of main man Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Actress Mansour explained how the sequel series was unique as it tells the story of the apocalypse through the eyes of teenagers, who are by no means as prepared for what is to come as the characters in The Walking Dead.

Still, it did not stop the actors from sharing who they felt inspired them the most, and they spoke in particular about what weapons they would have loved to have brought over to the spin-off.

Mansour said she was a huge fan of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and his iconic crossbow, saying: “It’s the only weapon that I know, if I had the choice I would like Daryl Dixon’s crossbow.

“But he has it and he rocks it. I have this pole and it’s compact, you press a button and it extends and a blade pops out of the end. If you know how to use it you can really mess them up with it, it looks really cool.”

Actor Cantu also explained how he would have loved to have used Daryl’s crossbow in the new series, but he was also interested in going rogue and using something unexpected.

He said: “[The pole] is the custom weapon in the show, it’s kind of perfect, it’s really cool. My dream weapon would probably be something Melee.

The crossbow is cool as it’s silent. I’d probably go for something like a big Scottish broadsword, just go highlander with it – a humungous hulking blade.”

Many fans have attempted to make connections between the characters in the original Walking Dead series and the new spin-off, but the cast explained how the series should be interpreted as a standalone story within the same post-apocalyptic world.

Mansour said the characters were incomparable as the youngsters in the new series do not think before they make decisions, due to their age and inexperience.

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Meanwhile Cantu explained how everything was made to seem a lot scarier as to represent the innocence and youthfulness of the main cast.

Fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new series, with one saying: “Really enjoying The Walking Dead World Beyond.

“Interesting characters with great backstories. Also liking being free of the compounds and roaming towards NY in uncharted territory.”

Some fans think Iris and her friends may stumble across Rick Grimes in the series, and actress Royale said she would love to meet him along the way.

Speaking to Looper she said: “It would it be my greatest pleasure to share the screen with the Rick Grimes. I think it would be an incredible journey for everyone. And I think we’d make a badass team.”

Viewers may come to learn more about where Rick is and what he is up to in the spin-off, but they are unlikely to see actor Lincoln in the flesh.

The star is set to feature in his own series of films, where fans will learn everything they need to know about where he has been for all this time.

Viewers have high hopes for the series despite it receiving mixed reviews, and they have been impressed with the talented cast.

One said on Twitter: “Just watched the first two eps of Walking Dead World Beyond. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m enjoying it.

“Yes, it’s very young adult, but it feels more like a classic post-apocalyptic adventure than the main series. And it’s cool to get a bigger look at the overall lore.”

The Walking Dead: World Beyond airs on AMC and Prime Video

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