This Morning puppy chaos as dog knocks over notes and drags Phillip Schofield across the studio

THIS Morning faced puppy chaos as a dog knocked over notes and dragged Phillip Schofield across the studio.

The presenter became smitten with little Pablo, who joined him in the studio for a segment on dogs facing being put down.

But while the serious topic was discussed, the puppy was busy getting a lot of scratches behind the ears from Phillip.

Then the little dog rolled over on the sofa, sending all of his notes flying.

Holly kept the interview on the rails as Pablo became interested with the set around him – and went off to investigate.

Phil was dragged by Pablo from his lead, before eventually trying to stop him from walking off by holding on.

This Morning fans found the section adorable, with one person saying: "Taz, Pablo and Buddy are absolutely gorgeous. I want them all. I hope hey get their loving forever home."

Another added: "#thismorning please Phil… keep that little dog @thismorning"

A third remarked: "@schofe you should rehome #Pablo he clearly LOVES you!!! #thismorning"

The presenters were joined by Niall Lester, co-founder of New Hope Animal Rescue, who help rescue dogs who might be put down.

He joined the sofa after it was reported people are returning the dogs they adopted during lockdown, leaving many at risk of being put down.

Speaking about the rising problem, Niall said: "I do think we're at the very start of it. We've got a good year of this getting worse.

"This is the very beginning of the issue to be honest. Puppy sales have increased massively, puppy sales have spiked because they've been at home and think they can handle a dog.

"But as things have returned to normal, people are going back to work, problems are arising. And I don't think we've been able to socialise our dogs and treat our dogs as we normally would."

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