This Morning viewers furious at HUGE Spin To Win fail and demand show gives the money to charity

THIS Morning viewers were left furious after no one managed to get through on Spin To Win – and demanded they give the prize money to charity.

After explaining viewers could win anything between £750 to £3,000, Phillip and Holly waited for the first caller to come through.

However, after dancing to the music, Phillip moved on to the next one after no one picked up.

Holly said: "That was weird, wasn't it?"

Phillip replied: "Weird noise. If Natasha did pick up, she's waiting for the telly to catch up. You've got to say it immediately."

Then the second caller said "hello" when she answered – instead of the winning passphrase – leaving Phil to shout: "No! No! Charlene, what are you doing?"

Holly remained optimistic, saying: "Again, again. Not two days in a row, guys, come on. What is happening?"

Spin To Win caller number three said: "Bippity, boppity boo," which was unfortunately the password for yesterday's show.

Holly placed her hand over her mouth as she said: "That's the wrong passphrase. It's the wrong passphrase. We're looking for today's passphrase, because it's today."

Caller number four ended up going to the answer phone, while caller number five just didn't pick up.

They decided to spin the wheel anyway to see how much they would win – and the viewers missed out on £1,000.

However, This Morning viewers were furious at the no show, with people suggesting they should give the prize money to charity.

One person said: "I agree with what others are saying; forget spin to win today. Donate £3k towards that dogs operation."

Another suggested: "Give the £1000 to local charities"

A third remarked: "Time to scrap Spin To Win"

While a third said: "Think #ThisMorning need to think of another game"

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