This Mornings Dr Zoe Williams discusses dramatic home birth as she introduces baby Lisbon

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Dr Zoe Williams melted the hearts of This Morning viewers by introducing Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to her new baby.

The medical expert welcomed her son – Lisbon Lion Williams-McKay – in June this year after a dramatic home birth and speedy labour.

The adorable tot made his first appearance on This Morning today, looking completely content and quiet as he was rocked by his mum.

Appearing alongside husband Stuart, Dr Zoe told Holly and Phillip all about her life as a new mum, and how it was her dream to finally have a child.

She also praised Holly for correctly guessing she was expecting a boy.

Stuart then confirmed that their baby was named after the place they met, with his middle name Lion coming from a term that had become symbolic in their relationship.

Speaking about the labour, Dr Zoe and Stuart revealed their son had arrived 10 days early – meaning they were not fully prepared for their little one.

“He was just in a hurry to come into the world, so we didn't have to have a hospital bag packed, I hadn't done a practice run with a birthing pool… hadn't done any of these things,” Stuart said.

“[I had to] Get the birthing pool, try and fill it with water when the adapters don't work. It was an engineering challenge so we were pumping water from the bath upstairs and into the pool,” he continued. “Filling up boiling pans and kettles to make it warm.”

Zoe admitted that their efforts actually worked too well – creating a birthing pool that felt “like a sauna” to the point where she begged for it to be cooled down.

“We had a doula, Lettie, and they kept running hot water and I was like it's ‘burning me! It's too hot!’,” she laughed.

“They'd turn it a little bit colder for a while, and then they'd be turning the heat up again. But yeah, they just about managed to get the pool ready.”

Viewers were completely besotted by the glowing new mum and her adorable baby boy, who fell asleep in the middle of the interview and was already sporting an impressive mane of hair.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “I’ve got a 5 month old, but dr Zoe has just made me so broody.”

“Doctor Zoe looks stunning 5 weeks after having a baby. Look at all that gorgeous hair on baby Lisbon,” wrote another.

“What are you doing to me 4 kids is enough for me and now my ovaries are tugging. How gorgeous is the new baby!”, a third commented.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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