Tipping Points Ben Shephard left red-faced by ITV players X-rated offer

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    Tipping Point host Ben Shephard was left red-faced by one player's X-rated "offer" during the latest show.

    Monday's episode (October 17) of the ITV quiz programme saw contestants Kiah, Alfonso and Gill battle it out for the chance to win a £10k jackpot.

    In the first knockout round, viewers at home and Ben, 47, got quickly flustered as Gill made an accidental but X-rated innuendo.

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    As counters fell from the machine, she said: "It's going, come on, yes. Give it to me. It's going, come on."

    Posting to Twitter, Tipping Point viewers quickly picked up on Gill's naughty double entendre.

    One fan said: "Give it to me. Now there's an offer!"

    Another commented: "Give it to me. Blimey."

    Meanwhile, a third said: "She does realise that she's just said, 'Come on, give it to me' with Ben Shephard in the room."

    A fourth fan exclaimed: "Give it to me?!"

    Alfonso was the first contestant to leave the day's show.

    In spite of a number of early errors, which saw her incorrectly guess a dice has five sides and "Here's Johnny!" is a famous phrase from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Gill beat out Kiah to advance to the final round.

    Failing to knock the jackpot counter down in the natural course of play, leading her with a tough decision.

    Having amassed an impressive cash total of £2900, Gill opted to decline the trade and go home with her winnings so far.

    She later informed Ben: "I've had a great day, I really have. Thank you so much."

    Tipping Point airs from 4pm on weekdays on ITV.


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