Too much! Ricky Gervais forced to axe improvised After Life scene for being too rude

Ricky Gervais in stitches at raspberry scene in After Life blooper

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Brian (played by David Earl) is undoubtedly one of After Life’s most popular characters and is well-known for his crass and explicit jokes and outbursts in the Netflix series. Portrayed as a hopeless hoarder, Brian first crossed paths with Ricky Gervais’ Tony due to his desperation to be featured in the local paper. However, as the series developed, concluding in season three, Brian had become a regular feature in Tony’s day to day life and an integral part of the Tambury landscape.

And while, of course, much of Brian’s demeanour and antics were penned by Gervais in the script, it appears there was still plenty of room for improvising when the cameras rolled.

But there was one moment even Gervais, who’s no stranger to a controversial joke, felt went too far.

In the newly-released blooper reel from Netflix, Gervais, albeit through laughter, had to tell actor Earl one joke was never going to make it into the final cut.

The moment came during a scene where Brian and James (Ethan Lawrence) are adapting to their new living situation.

In it, James is naked in the bath while Brian with no respect for personal boundaries is using the toilet in the same bathroom at the same time.

The blooper and subsequently axed scene opens with Brian doing a crossword while on the loo.

He then makes a crass joke about masturbation to James which prompted raucous laughter from Gervais.

James actor Lawrence was also taken aback by the crude nature of the remark and broke character to laugh before Gervais could be heard off-camera admitting it wouldn’t make it to the final edit.

“That’s too much!” Gervais screamed as both actors by this point began to laugh.

“F*****g hell,” Lawrence even commented before Gervais instructed the pair to go through the scene again.

“Do it again,” Gervais said while Earl commented: “Sorry.”

Luckily for Gervais and the rest of the crew, the After Life scene did eventually manage to go without a hitch and make it into the edit.

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And while Brian may have provided the humour and comic relief to the drama over its three seasons, he did receive a rather heartwarming ending.

In the After Life series finale, Brian hit his lowest point after being mocked by Ratty (Andrew Brooke) and The N***e (Tom Bennett) at the local town fete.

But after they were put in their place by Brian’s ex-wife and her new man, Coleen (Kath Hughes) and Valerie (Michelle Greenidge) arrived to comfort him.

And the last viewers saw of Brian, a spark was lit between him and Coleen before the two wandered off to grab a coffee.

Brian’s entire arc on the show also proved popular as fans were quick to show their love for the character after the third run’s release.

Twitter user @mike13cowan said: “Not many better things on TV than #AfterLife. Each series is a rollercoaster of emotions that even manages to melt my own stone heart at times. @rickygervais is a genius and Brian has to be one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen.”

Debbie Cockerill echoed: “@rickygervais you’re amazing and #AfterLife is just magical. Brian is my number 1, what a guy. Thank you for passing that onto us all x.”

While @ode8283 agreed: “Just binged #afterlife. Best thing I’ve seen in ages and something wrong with you if it doesn’t have you laughing and greeting in equal measure. Brian though, utterly outstanding.”

After Life seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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