Trevor Noah Rips Tucker Carlson For “Planned Vacation” After Racism Controversy

On Friday, the head writer on Tucker Carlson Tonight resigned after racist, homophobic and sexist comments he had written online were discovered.

On Monday, a defiant Tucker Carlson took to the Fox News airwaves saying, “We should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests at the destruction of a young man: When we pretend we are holy, we are lying. When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all. And we will be punished for it, there’s no question.”

But Daily Show host Trevor Noah was having none of it.

“Why is Tucker Carlson blaming the public for his head writer getting fired? Fox News chose to fire this person, not the public. And if Fox News fires you for being racist, then you’re RACIST racist.”

Carlson went on a planned vacation about a year ago just two days after he said white supremacy is a “hoax” and “actually not a real problem in America.” On Monday night, he announced another sudden departure.

“I love how every time Tucker Carlson gets in trouble,” observed Noah, “he takes a ‘planned vacation’ in the middle of the week.”

“Look man, if you feel the need to say your trip was ‘long planned,’ then you know it definitely wasn’t,” concluded Noah.

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