Trigger Points Vicky McClure admits she didnt switch off from explosive role

Trigger Point: ITV drama begins with intense scenes

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Trigger Point returns to ITV this weekend for the second episode and fans are desperate to know what happened following an intense explosion. They had been introduced to friends Lana (played by Vicky McClure) and Joel Nutkins (Adrian Lester), who worked for a bomb disposal unit. Actress McClure admitted she was unable to switch off from the role.

Viewers were blown away by the first instalment of Trigger Point from Line of Duty star, Jed Mercurio.

He welcomed back McClure to play Lana, who works as an Expo, assisting the Metropolitan Police with counter-terrorism operations.

In the first episode, Lana and Joel had to deactivate a number of devices and save a terrified victim.

They managed to secure the area but in the final moments, a bomb that had been concealed inside a van exploded.

Fans are waiting to discover the fate of Joel, as it seemed only Lana walked away alive.

Viewers saw many sides to Lana in the first episode as she wanted to prove herself as brave.

She experienced some intense moments and McClure was asked how she settled down after filming.

Speaking to and other media, she said: “It will be music, I use music in so many ways.

“Whether it’s to try and help my mood to lift it, or to bring it down depending on what scenes I’m shooting.”

In one uplifting scene, Lana was seen nodding along to an upbeat song in a police car.

McClure picked the song herself as she was not used to hearing the artist on TV.

She said: “I always choose the music and actually I picked that song because I wanted to nod my head at the right time as the dog.

“I thought it would be a good song to have on an ITV drama.

“I was pretty buzzing that that went ahead. But music or television, just the usual stuff.”

Although it was a fun experience, she admitted it was hard to check out from the role.

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The Kate Fleming actress said: “Trigger Point was the first job that I’ve been on where I pretty much felt like a crew member.

“And I was there every day, so I’d say on this particular job I didn’t really switch off from it.

“I immersed myself in it quite a lot of the time.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the action-packed first episode.

Christina Lewis said: “I think I am going to need a lie down after the first episode of #TriggerPoint.”

Olivia-Mae added: “@ITV are killing it with all the dramas & it’s only January, loving #triggerpoint @Vicky_McClure is fantastic.”

Jessica Temple said: “Ooooof felt like I held my breath for the entire episode #TriggerPoint.”

In the second episode, Lana and the team find evidence suggesting the origins of the bombers.

However, their real identities are questioned when Lana finds what appears to be military equipment.

Trigger Point returns to ITV on Sunday at 9pm.

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