Uh, in Case You Haven't Noticed, Netflix's Library of British Crime Dramas Is Bloody Good

In this divisive and chaotic year of our lord, 2021, there’s still at least one thing we can all agree on: British crime dramas are bloody awesome. The genre surged in popularity in the U.S. over the past few years thanks in part to Peaky Blinders, the BBC original series about a notorious 20th century English street gang that combines strong writing, a thrilling storyline, and cast members that all look (and sound) like Cillian Murphy.

And lucky for you, Peaky Blinders is just one of the many excellent British TV crime dramas available to stream these days. You’ve probably heard of The Stranger starring Richard Armitage, but if you haven’t, you can thank me later for introducing you two. But it’s more than just beautiful, emotionally reserved men and their sexy posh accents that make British crime dramas a must. The shows are genuinely well-written, packed with smart dialogue and multi-dimensional, gripping plot lines. Not to throw shade, but British crime shows make Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds look pretty run-of-the-mill, even cheesy. (And I worship at the altar of Olivia Benson, so that’s really saying something.)

If the genre is still somewhat foreign to you, or if you’ve already made it across the pond and need more proper crime to queue up, Netflix has a ~killer~ lineup of British TV crime shows. Just don’t blame me when you start using some good ‘ole British banter.

The Stranger

This is one show that will have you guessing what’s going to happen next the entire time you watch it. When a total stranger confronts family man Adam Price and reveals a secret about his wife, it sends him down a spiraling rabbit hole as he tries to uncover the truth.

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The One

If you love your British crime with a side of sci-fi (or even if you don’t) this show is an absolute must-watch! When a DNA researcher believes she’s found a way to genetically match you with your perfect partner, she sets up a matchmaking service to help pair people off with their soulmates and everything seems super exciting and great. Until someone turns up dead…

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The Irregulars

Any fans of Sherlock Holmes (aka the OG British crime god) will love this show—it is a totally new take on the classic Sherlock tales. It’s about a ragtag group of teens in Victorian England who come together to help a sinister Dr. Watson and his mysterious partner Sherlock Holmes solve supernatural crimes.

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Top Boy

Out in London’s east end, the drug trade isn’t exactly hidden. And Ra’Nell, whose mother was just admitted to a mental hospital and whose father died after Ra’Nell killed him, is figuring out how to navigate a crime-filled life.

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For something with a bit of a lighter feel, Vexed is equal parts comedy and drama. It’s about two detectives (played by the very funny Lucy Punch and Toby Stephens) who go around the UK solving crimes.

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Criminal is a Netflix original series that hyper-focuses on police interrogations, each set in a different country—France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. With only three episodes in each season, it’s super snackable. And each time, you get to witness three different perspectives: inside the police interrogation room, what happens behind the one-way mirror, and lastly, the area outside the two rooms. Fair warning: this one will utterly mind-f*ck you.

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A heartbreaking drama-slash-thriller about a dad whose daughter disappears in what is supposed to be a gated, secure neighborhood. As he desperately searches for her, he begins to realize that what he thought was safe is far from it. This is the kind of show that’ll make you question whether your roommate is actually your friend or some crazy person trying to get close to you so they can kill your entire family.

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Peaky Blinders

I know what you’re thinking so I’ll just come right out and say yes, this show 1,000% lives up to all the hype. Peaky Blinders will go down in history as one of the greatest things to come out of England, right up there next to David Beckham and the dress Pippa Middleton wore to Kate and Will’s wedding. If you haven’t heard of Peaky Blinders, either the show or the viral haircut trend, then please leave your bunker and start watching it ASAP.

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White Lines

Okay, so this show is both completely wild and completely thrilling. An English woman heads down to Ibiza to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her brother. White Lines is for anyone who likes murder mixed with sex, drugs and partying. Pure escapism.

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Giri / Haji

Giri/Haji follows a Tokyo policeman who travels to London to find a wanted murderer who also happens to be his brother. The Japanese-English series is a cross-cultural story that combines cops and family drama in a seriously thrilling show.

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If you plow through this list in order and loved The Fall, you’ll have no problem getting addicted to Marcella Backland and company. It’s another cat-and-mouse formula only with more baggage and blackouts that make it hard to separate reality from what’s going on inside Marcella’s head.

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Fans of Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones can breathe a sigh of relief: there is life beyond Dorne and that life exists in the fictional town of Woodmere, where actress Indira Varma plays Detective Sergeant Nina Suresh, who’s tasked with solving the murder of a physician found stabbed in a playground.

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Clear your schedule (who even have plans these days, anyways?) and binge Collateral: a four-part series centering on the murder of a pizza delivery driver in London. Mulligan is Kip Glaspie, an Olympic pole vaulter-turned detective. Yep.

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