Victoria and David Beckham were terrified by threats to kidnap son Brooklyn

At one point in time, football legend David Beckham and his pop star wife, Victoria, AKA Posh Spice, were the most famous couple on the planet.

And because of that, they were targeted by evil trolls who threatened to kidnap their child, Brooklyn. As part of a new four-part Netflix series Beckham, the iconic pair revealed how scared they were for their son.

David quickly rocketed to stardom at Manchester United, scoring numerous memorable free kicks en route to guiding the club to treble success in 1999. And for such a well-respected sportsman, he needed to find a wife operating on the same level.

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Just months after the greatest victory of his career in the final of the Champions League, the footballer married Victoria, who, in her own right, had established herself as one of the highest-selling recording artists on the planet, picking up nine UK number one singles.

And while, on paper, it looked like they were destined for a life of happiness, unfortunately, they had some extremely difficult hurdles. Sadly, as their notoriety grew, so did the obsession of nasty people, who wanted to upset them, with some even going as far as to threaten Brooklyn.

In an emotional interview, David admitted: “When there were kidnap threats, that is when it got scary.”

‌Echoing his sentiments, Victoria explained: "We were getting kidnapping threats right from when we had Brooklyn. I can’t explain how that feels, because you can’t hide."

She continued: "These are all things that are coming back to me. I am finding it quite stressful doing these interviews with you because I have blocked so much of it out, and David had too.

"But now it’s coming back to me. Imagine having a baby and having death threats. David had to play, knowing this was all going on. I was on my own, in an apartment with a baby. "So I would go to the games with Brooklyn. The abuse is hard to explain.”

David was so scared something would happen to his young son that he slept against Brooklyn's bedroom door. He said: "I’m sleeping with my head against the door because I was paranoid someone was going to steal him. It’s meant to be a happy moment, and it was of course, but I was worried."

To add insult to injury, Victoria had to deal with the vile abuse that comes with being the wife of a footballer. And there was one particular chant, alluding to her potential bedroom activity, that really got under her skin.

David reluctantly said: “And then they start singing songs about Victoria. There was one song which she will kill me for singing. Every football fan sang this song…”

Victoria raged:“…Posh Spice takes it up the arse! Excuse my language, not very ladylike. Seventy-five thousand people were singing that. It’s embarrassing, it’s hurtful.

"I remember sitting down, and the lady sitting next to me turning to me, she said, ‘Do you want a polo?’ She didn’t know what to say! So I want a polo? What do you say when you’re sat next to someone, and 75,000 people say you take it up the arse! We did not know what to do; it felt like we were drowning.”

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