Vigil BBC release date, cast, trailer, plot: When will Vigil air?

Vigil: Suranne Jones stars in trailer for BBC drama series

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The BBC announced fresh new thriller Vigil back in January 2020. Vigil will feature a wealth of British stars in this suspenseful tale involving murder and intrigue on board a submarine. has the lowdown, which come from the makers of Line of Duty and Bodyguard.

When will Vigil be released on the BBC?

Vigil will be released on August 29 and viewers won’t have to wait a week for the second episode.

The first episode will air on the Sunday at 9pm, with episode two on Monday, August 30 at the same time.

The remaining episodes will then continue to air on Sunday nights.

Who is in the cast of Vigil on the BBC?

The show has a stellar cast of stars with Doctor Foster and Gentleman Jack’s Suranne Jones leading as DCI Amy Silva, who spearheads an investigation on land and sea into a conspiracy involving the nation’s nuclear deterrent Trident.

Joining her will be Endeavour’s Shaun Evans as Chief Petty Officer Elliot Glover, who be assisting her and Game of Thrones star Rosie Leslie.

Other cast members include Line of Duty’s Martin Compston, Anjli Mohindra from Bodyguard, Paterson Joseph of Peep Show fame, Sex Education’s Connor Swindells, Adam James, and Gary Lewis.

Further cast members were recently announced by the BBC including Stephen, Lolita Chakrabarti, Daniel Portman, Lorne MacFadyen, Stephen McCole, Tom Gill, Lois Chimimba, Anita Vettesse, Bobby Rainsbury, Cristian Ortega and Lauren Lyle.

What will happen in Vigil on the BBC?

Vigil has been written by Strike and The Crown writer Tom Edge and follows the mysterious disappearance of a Scottish fishing trawler.

At the same time, there’s a death on board a Trident nuclear submarine which brings in the Navy and security services to investigate.

The story will delve into a conspiracy right at the heart of Britain’s nuclear deterrent which will leave viewers reeling.

Actress Jones said of Vigil: “Tom Edge has created a thrill of a story, set in a world I knew nothing about.

“The cast and crew World Productions have put together to tell this story is so exciting.

“Amy Silva is a brilliantly complex character, thrown into a highly charged situation where her authority is weakened.

“We watch as she navigates her own personal trauma and loss, all at a time when she’s questioning her relationships and life choices.”

While creator Edge said: “The ‘Continuous At Sea Deterrent’, better known as ‘Trident’, has been a contentious part of national life for half a century now, a stock of nuclear missiles kept hundreds of feet below the sea surface.

“But this world has rarely been explored on screen. I can’t wait to take a BBC One audience down with us, into the pitch-black icy waters of the unseen Atlantic, where tomorrow’s geopolitical struggles are already being played out.”

Is there a trailer for Vigil on the BBC?

A trailer for the new series was released back in May and it is available to watch on YouTube. 

A news reporter is heard saying how a sailor had been found dead and detectives had been sent to investigate. 

The BBC has also dropped a first-look shot from the show, which was filmed earlier this year before social distancing measures had been put in place.

Vigil was filmed on a set in Glasgow, Scotland which is also where the soap River City is shot.

Vigil will air on BBC One on August 29

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