Vikings Valhalla season 2 sees Freydis and Harald take separate paths

Vikings Valhalla: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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The series, which acts as a sequel to Vikings, has arrived with season two on Netflix and it takes place after the battle at Kattegat. After reuniting with Leif Erikson (played by Sam Corlett), Freydis Eiríksdóttir (Frida Gustavsson) made the decision to leave her brother and partner Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter) behind. has all you need to know about Freydis and Harald’s relationship at the end of season two.


The first season saw Freydis and Harald eventually settle their differences over their religious beliefs.

By the end of the season, they were in a romantic relationship, which did not go down too well with Leif.

At the start of the second outing, Harald and Freydis were living in solitude as Harald recovered from his injuries.

Although they were happy, there was no denying they had different goals in life.

Freydis revealed to her brother she was pregnant with Harald’s child, but she did not want him to know.

Knowing his goal was to become King of Norway, she did not want to prevent him from achieving his dream.

As Freydis was taken to Jomsborg to declare a new Uppsala, Harald continues his journey to gain support in his fight to become king.

Although she was preoccupied with the people of Jomsborg, she still spoke of Harald fondly, particularly after she gave birth to a son.

She said the baby’s father was a good man, and the baby should be known in history as the son of Harald Sigurdsson.

As for Harald, he seemed to have taken a liking to newcomer Eleana (Sofya Lebedeva), who was carrying some precious treasure to Constantinople.

After Harald saved her life when she nearly drowned in ice-cold water, the pair formed a special connection.

When Harald was later captured and tortured by enemies, Eleana tended to his wounds and vowed she would never leave him behind.

By the finale, the pair had shared a kiss and after Eleana was made an Empress, he feared she would be “out of his reach”.

However, Eleana reassured him “nothing is out of your reach”, suggesting they will continue to pursue each other.

For now, it seems Freydis and Harald have gone their separate ways as they are clearly on different paths.

However, they have a mutual respect for one another and still think of their relationship fondly.

As they share a son together, they are likely to always have a special connection and may reunite one day.

Vikings were known for having more than one wife, as polygyny was not seen as something to be frowned upon.

If Harald is unable to choose between the two women, he could end up marrying both.

The real Freydis Eiríksdóttir was married to Thorvard, owner of Gardar, one of the richest estates in Greenland.

As for the real Harald, he was married to Elisiv, a Princess of Kiev.

Eleana could be an adaptation of Elisiv and if this is the case, it could be that Harald and Freydis really are over.

The real Harald had left Norway in 1030 after the Battle of Stiklestad and had since then served under the protection of Elisiv’s father as well as that of the Byzantine monarch.

Vikings: Valhalla season 2 is on Netflix now.

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