Watch Will Smith Rap ‘Friend Like Me’ From ‘Aladdin’ on ‘Fallon’

Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin is coming out later this month and Will Smith appeared on The Tonight Show to discuss playing the film’s iconic blue genie. During an interview with host Jimmy Fallon, Smith took a moment to perform a quick rap-inspired version of “Friend Like Me,” hinting at what’s to come in the movie itself.

“I got presented the idea to play the genie in Aladdin and the first thing is ‘Hell no,’” Smith tells Fallon in the interview. “Robin Williams smashed that role, you know? When you look at things like that you always try to find ‘What would you do differently? What would you add to that?’ So I looked at it and the first thing was I didn’t feel like I wanted to touch it.”

He did end up taking it on, mostly because he was able to bring his own twist to the songs. For “Friend Like Me,” Smith asked the music team to bring in the drum sound from “Impeach The President” by the Honey Drippers, which Questlove begins to play in the clip as Smith raps “Friend Like Me.”

Fallon also shares a clip from the film, which is in theaters May 24.

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