What are the Derrick Jaxn memes about his wife and mistress?

DERRICK Jaxn made headlines when he became involved in a cheating scandal after having built his career as a relationship guru.

Derrick is known for his YouTube channel and books on healthy relationships which he promotes to his more than one million Instagram followers

What are the Derrick Jaxn memes about his wife and mistress?

On March 23, 2021, Derrick and his wife Da'Nai Jackson appeared in a YouTube video admitting to and addressing the affair.

While holding his wife's hand he declares: "Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage."

Da'Nai addresses fans questions as to why she is still with Derrick explaining that she did leave her husband immediately after finding out about the infidelity but that the couple has worked past it.

Derrick's whole career has been about giving people advice and guidance to sustain healthy relationships so his viewers were understandably shocked and upset.

Many people took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

His viewers seemed to be both shocked and disappointed to learn of Derrick's hypocrisy and had a field day on Twitter making memes to mock the disgraced relationship expert.

After the video with his wife was posted viewers posted in support of his wife and although she claims that they have worked past his cheating many people are still hoping to see her leave him.

What do we know about Derrick Jaxn's affairs?

Derrick was exposed by one of his mistresses, Candice De Medeiros, a fellow social media influencer.

Candicee dished the details of her relationship with Derrick on UNWINEWITHTASHAK.

She claimed that Derrick planned a Miami vacation with her in July of 2020, brought her to his home in Atlanta which he shares with his wife and child, sent her fancy gifts, and sent her over $1,000 during the affair.

But Candicee claims that Derrick told her that he had been separated from his wife for four years.

When she visited his home in Atlanta, she saw moving boxes and assumed his story was true but his wife and child were in Colorado visiting his in-laws.

Several other women have since come forward detailing their ties to the author and their alleged relationships.

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