What Former Supermodel Christie Brinkley Says About Turning 65 and Being Chosen for ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Christie Brinkley has graced the covers of countless magazines in her supermodel days, most notably the front of the iconic swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. As hard as it is to believe, Brinkley turned 65 in February yet still looks like she’s ready for her next photo shoot. Now preparing to battle in the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars, Brinkley l is more than ready to take on the highly physical challenge.

Think ‘spirit’ rather than ‘biology’

On February 2, Brinkley celebrated her milestone birthday of65, though she looks at it from a different perspective. “Groundhog’sDay is my birthday, and I’ll be turning 50 for the 15th time,” she joked, according to People.

The former supermodel chooses to see her age from a spiritual level. “Everybody pays so much attention to your number,” Brinkley said. “I like to say, ‘That’s just my biological age, but my spirit age is totally different.’ Your spiritual age comes from everything about you, not just this assigned number because that’s how long you’ve been around, kicking around this crazy old world… It’s what you’ve gathered and how you move and your point of view, your enthusiasm, your gratitude, your appreciation. It’s your energy, your aura and that’s your true age. Not that other arbitrary number.”

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What helps her stay young

Brinkley also has some practical tips for looking andfeeling so young, starting with maintaining a vegetarian diet. “WhenI was 13, I decided I didn’t want to hurt animals and I’ve been reaping thegood karma of that ever since. I wholeheartedly recommend that you considerthat. It’s good for the planet, it’s great for your body,” she told People. “Ialso think that it’s really important to go organic; again, great for theplanet, great for our bodies. We’re surrounded with so many chemicals, so Ithink it’s really, really imperative that we look for organic products. And themore we do that it’ll drop down the prices and make it more affordable foreverybody.”

The Dancing With The Stars competitor has afew other secrets from the fountain of youth. As a representative ofthe pharmaceutical company and spokesperson for the noninvasive ultrasoundwrinkle-reducing procedure Ultherapy, Brinkley uses the treatmentsherself, along with the injectable Xeomin for her frown lines, as reported byPeople.

Most importantly, she focuses on enjoying and savoring special moments in life. “Lots of laughter. When in doubt, smile. Always. That’s the best thing you can put on your face,” Brinkley said. “We can all agree that it’s pretty stressful out there, and the one thing that everyone woman I know has in common-we all have a full plate. With that kind of climate, it is more and more important for us to find moments to stop and celebrate and take it all in.”

Her new challenge

Brinkley is gearing up to compete in season 28 of ABC’s DancingWith The Stars, despite admitting her lack of skills in the ballroom. “I’m so excited! I think it’s going to be sofun,” she said, accordingto AOL. “I literally don’t know how todance. Seriously, it’s true… I really don’t have the moves. So I’m reallyexcited to learn with the pros. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me.”

She had some words of wisdom for her yet-to-be-announceddancing partner. “I think whoever I get has his work cut outfor him,” Brinkley said. “I think they need to give me a reallygood one because I need a lot of work… All of the dancers on the show areincredible, really amazing.”

Fans can see Brinkley in action when ABC’s Dancing With The Stars premieres on September 16!

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