What happened to the last episode of Our Yorkshire Farm?

Our Yorkshire Farm: The children rename their new cow

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Our Yorkshire Farm follows the life of the Owen family, led by mother Amanda Owen and father Clive, who both care for their nine children. The Channel 5 film crews have been documenting their lives for the past four seasons and with a fifth on the way, viewers are excited to see what the clan have been up to. However, why did the final episode of season four not air?

When did season four of Our Yorkshire Farm air?

After facing the trials and tribulations of filming their show in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Owen family were back on-screen in April.

The season was meant to be compromised of eight episodes as Channel 5 had commissioned for 20 more instalments at the beginning of this year.

Unfortunately, the eighth and final episode of the season was replaced by the three-part historical drama, Anne Boleyn.

This meant the seventh episode of the season was broadcast on May 25, 2021, cutting short the show’s Spring run.

Viewers were left furious on social media after it was teased the finale was going to air on June 1, 2021.

What happened to the last episode of Our Yorkshire Farm season 4?

There was no explanation given at the time by Channel 5 as to why they pulled the episode or why season four was cut short.

Ending the latest run on episode seven felt abrupt to many as they had just watched the Owen clan celebrating Christmas.

It seems there might have been a scheduling mix-up, meaning historical drama Anne Boleyn needed to air in the 9pm Tuesday slot on the day season four was meant to end.

However, it has been confirmed by mother of nine Amanda season five will air later this year and episode eight of season four will most likely be broadcast at this time, too.

When’s the next episode?

Our Yorkshire Farm viewer

There was no explanation given as to what should have happened in the final episode of season four but given the family had just celebrated Christmas, they would’ve been looking forward to the year ahead.

It wasn’t long before fans noticed the show was missing from the television schedule as the day after episode seven aired, there was uproar.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “@channel5_tv if you’ve got Anne Boleyn on next Tuesday, when is the next episode of Our Yorkshire Farm as this week’s episode advertised?”

Another posted: “@channel5_tv could you let us know what date and time episode eight of Our Yorkshire Farm is on TV please as you are showing the new series about Anne Boleyn at 9pm next Tuesday in place of it and haven’t announced when Our YorkshireFarm is on?”

What does the future hold for Our Yorkshire Farm?

Regardless of a missing episode, Channel 5 bosses have promised there are more than 10 episodes left to air in the near future.

Having secured an average of 3.2 million viewers per episode, Commissioning editor for Channel 5, Daniel Pearl expressed his excitement viewers would be able to enjoy more from the Owen clan.

He said: “Our Yorkshire Farm is such a special programme. It’s more than just a heart-warming documentary, it is a deeper exploration of family bonds, parenting styles and the desire among so many of us to live closer to nature.

“The Owens are a true inspiration and I can’t wait to see what these next two years will bring,” he concluded.

The 20 new episodes, of which seven have already aired, will be broadcast over the next two years as part of a new deal.

It’s not yet been confirmed by bosses what will happen to the show once the deal comes to an end in March 2023.

However, having invested £20 million into the Yorkshire region to generate content since 2015, it seems there could be scope for more episodes beyond 2023.

Executive Producer for production company Renegade Pictures, Natalie Wilkinson said: “As a dedicated production team, we are excited to continue developing the delightful storylines and to maintain our production values, which makes it feel like a beautiful, warm family drama, evolving from an observational documentary.”

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on My5.

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