What has happened to the local news on BBC Breakfast?

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BBC Breakfast is a staple part of the network’s morning schedule and the show has provided regular news updates for many years. The past two years, however, have caused upheaval in the world of TV. Viewers are keen to know why the local news segment on the BBC morning show has changed. 

What happened to the local news on BBC Breakfast?

BBC Breakfast is a popular news and current affairs programme offering insight into the latest headlines from the UK and beyond. 

The presenters speak to various guests to get their thoughts on what has been happening around the world. 

Usually, there is a local news segment where regional presenters go through stories a little closer to home. 

However, the BBC has stopped the morning news bulletins for the time being and viewers are keen to know why. 

The BBC issued a statement on its website revealing staff shortages had led to the change in programme schedule. 

They said: “As in many workplaces, we’re experiencing staffing issues caused by Covid. We’ve taken short-term measures to maintain our most popular services.
“There will be no regional TV news bulletins for English audiences during the BBC Breakfast programme.

“However, regional and local news and information will still be available on the BBC’s Local Radio stations and on the BBC News website.
“The 6.30pm regional news programmes are by far our most-watched bulletins so maintaining them is our key priority. We’ll return to normal as soon as possible.”

The pandemic has caused upheaval for many TV stations as staff have been forced to self-isolate. 

Viewers have been taking to social media to express their thoughts on the latest changes, with one saying: “Is there no local news and weather on @BBCBreakfast anymore?”

Another said: “We want the local news and weather back please#bbcbreakfast.”

A third added: “@BBCNews Noticed that we are no longer getting Local news programmes during @BBCBreakfast Given that as pensioners we now have to pay for our tv licence we consider this is an example of BBC cutbacks. To get local news we now have to go to @ITVCentral.”

The broadcaster said these measures would only be short-term in order to help safeguard regional TV news services during peak hours.

Scottish, Irish and Welsh viewers are still expected to continue receiving local and regional news updates. 

The BBC said viewers in England can expect the bulletins to return from September.

Another viewer said on Twitter: “@ClareFrisby Have BBC Breakfast stopped having local news on at 25 and 55 minutes past the hour. Thought it would be back this morning after the Olympics.”

Another questioned: “@BBCSpotlight is there going to be any local news during BBC breakfast again or has it finished? Thanks!”

Luckily, fans of the programme do not have to wait too long for the local news segments to return. 

Until then, the health and safety of staff continue to be a priority. 

Elsewhere, fans of the show have been wishing luck to Dan Walker, who has taken on another role away from BBC Breakfast. 

He is one of the contestants in the 2021 series of Strictly Come Dancing, and viewers are excited to see how he fares on the dancefloor. 

He said: “I am definitely excited, a little bit worried, mostly terrified and a small part of me is considering going into hiding!

“My kids have only ever asked me to go on two shows… Saturday Mash Up and Strictly. I did Saturday Mash Up this summer so… it’s time to embrace the sequins.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One. 

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