What Jurassic Park’s child stars look like all grown up – 23 years after the first film came out

JURASSIC Park fans will remember the scene that almost saw siblings Lex and Tim almost killed by a T-Rex as they hid inside a car.

In the 1993 film, John Hammond created an incredible theme park on Nublar Island off the coast of Costa Rica, filled with real-life dinosaurs.

Youngsters Lex, played by Ariana Richards, and Tim, depicted by Joseph Mazzello, were among the group that tour the park to see some of the new dinosaurs.

But it quickly all goes wrong, as the park's security system is disabled by an ill-meaning computer programmer, seeing the release of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The huge creature quickly hunts down the group as its prey, and attacks the tour vehicle they are travelling in, with Lex and Tim narrowly escaping.

Their terrified faces are sure to have stuck with the film's fans – but with 23 years having passed since its release, the stars now look drastically different.

Now all grown up, both of the child stars have moved onwards with their careers, going on to star in a number of hit TV programmes and movies.

Lex actress Ariana, now 36, went on to win a number of Young Artist Awards for her acting prowess throughout her teens.

Following Jurassic Park, she went on to briefly star in the prequel, The Lost World, as well as films including Boy Meets World, Empty Nest and The Golden Girls.

The star then turned her attentions away from acting, and went on to study drama and art at college where she specialised in painting portraits.

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Ariana became a well-established artist following her earning a degree in Fine Art and Drama, splitting her time between the US and Europe to paint.

In 2001 – the actress married Irishman and stunt performer Mark Aaron Bolton, and the pair welcomed a daughter together shortly after.

Having taken a step back from the silver screen, Ariana made her return in 2013 when she starred in Battledogs as Donna Voorhes.

Tim actor Joseph, now 38, saw his career go on leaps and bounds after his starring role in Jurassic Park, with a number of Hollywood credits.

He has acted in The Social Network, Shadowland, Bohemian Rhapsody and Beyond All Boundaries – as well as the Jurassic Park prequel.

Tim also branched out into TV work, filming for shows including Elementary, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Impeachement: American Crime Story.

In his late teens, the star studied at film school at the University of Southern California after pal Steven Spielberg wrote his recommendation letter.

Tim is currently working on his first directorial role with his upcoming film Undrafted, which will star James Belushi and Chace Crawford.

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