Where is The Circle US filmed? How long does it take to film?

The Circle US: A look inside apartment complex

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The Circle US has returned to Netflix for season two and the competition is getting intense. The catfishing show continues to follow a group of strangers as they attempt to become the most popular. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about filming the series, and where it takes place.

Where is The Circle US filmed?

The Circle US is a popular reality competition series that made its debut on Netflix in 2020.

The series is based on the British show of the same name, and there are also other versions across the world.

Throughout the series, contestants get to stay in luxurious apartments within a few feet of each other, but they are not allowed to meet face to face.

They can only communicate through the social media platform known as The Circle, and they can be anyone they want to be.

Fans may be interested to hear filming for the American series takes place in the same apartment building as the UK version.

The block of flats is in Salford, England, and each of the 12 contestants is placed in a fully furnished apartment.

The block includes a testimonial room, in which eliminated contestants record their goodbye videos and drop clues about the remaining players.

The building is made famous due to the huge lit-up circle, that has an 82-foot diameter, on the front.

Across from the apartment building is a control room where the producers work, and the building used to be a college campus.

The apartment block is made up of 206 units and it forms part of the Adelphi Wharf Phase One site in Salford.

The interior decor for each room can cost up to $5,500 (£4,000), and the block itself has a lot of interesting features.

Residents can enjoy a rooftop garden, as well as a jacuzzi and gym, and they are within walking distance of Manchester City Centre.

In March 2019, a one-bed flat in the block was advertised at $1,020 (£735) per calendar month.

Each room has its own unique theme and fans cannot help but feel a little envious.

One fan said on Twitter: “Honestly I want whoever designs the apartments on #TheCircle to do mine.”

Another said: “Watching #TheCircle makes me wanna paint every damn wall in my apartment and hang plants in my bathroom.”

A third added: “Shout out to whoever designed each apartment this season on The Circle.

“They turned the volume up BIG TIME on them rooms. Lisa aka Lance Bass’ apartment is my fave so far! Coming in 2nd is Mitch’s apartment. Badass rooms! #TheCircle.”

Viewers are also keen to find out how long the reality series takes to film, and the creators have provided some insight.

Tim Harcourt told Oprah Magazine that filming took place over a total of 15 days.

During this time, the contestants have no access to Wi-Fi and could only communicate through The Circle.

Each star was also in regular contact with a producer and camera operator, so they had someone to interact with.

Fans continued to share their thoughts on the set, with one saying: “I want whoever designs #TheCircle sets to design my entire apartment.”

Another said: “I want to hire the interior designer for the apartments in The Circle.”

The Circle USA is streaming on Netflix now. 

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